Happy Sunday #65

I watched eps 34 & 35 yesterday. OOOMG!!!! Those eps were pretty insane. This scene was intense – so much for Tanasiri’s skill. I’m so happy she will get what she deserves pretty soon XDD

Image For The Week

This is real talent!!! Elisa from Frozen – drawn and coloured!!!

Saying For the Week


Finished BOSS a Dorama and currently watching another dorama – Last Cinderella. It’s funny and interesting so far. I finally watched Secretly Greatly and The Berlin File. They are both interesting and about North Korean spies who were later deserted and marked down by their countries due to different reasons. I haven’t watched any animes yet…..hmmm I guess it’s high time I picked up Roberta’s Trail Blood the OVA for Black Lagoon.

Song For The Week

This isn’t actually a song, but a video of Happy sung by Pharell Williams that was shot in my school. ENJOY and be HAPPY!!! XDD 


Eye Candy For The Week

Jin Yi Han playing the role of Tal Tal in Empress Ki. BTW, I know there’s no official ship for him and Nyang, but I still want to ship them LOL!!!

Have a wonderful week!!!!

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