Happy Sunday #66

It’s supposed to be spring, but you can’t believe how windy and cold it is -_-

Image For The Week

Really sweet!!!

Saying The Week


Most of my updates are all on Check List and on Variety Shows on the side bar. I was mostly outdoors this weekend. A friend came visiting and all we did was eat out, shop and did a whole lot of talking ๐Ÿ˜€ It was fun!!!!

I have got myself a copy of the Veromca Roth’s book ย – Divergent. I want to read it, before I watch the movie. I also started I Hear Your Voice, it’s pretty interesting, I’m on ep 8, but there’s not much evidence of Noona love, it will probably surface soon ^^

I also realised, I have been slacking a lot when it comes to this blog. There has been no new gallery for months now. *reeked of guilt* I will try to see to it.


Song For The Week




Eye Candy For The Week

I recently finished a drama of hers – Mop Girl.

Keiko Kitagawa!!! She’s such a pretty and good actress.

Have a wonderful week!!!!

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