[RS] – Empress Ki (Gallery)

This post will serve as a folder for gifs, pictures and even behind the scene videos, interviews and HOT issues  from Empress Ki. I would also suggest you tread carefully, because there might be some SPOILERS.

I recently watched ep 39 of Empress Ki and I just loved Tal Tal, I’m looking forward to him doing some unbelievable things [Well, I’m sure some will be predictable hehehe] in the upcoming episodes.

Here are some gifs from episode 39 made for me by my friend IGWIW  The gif I like the most is where he smiled *fans self* It got somewhat hot in here. The best scene is the warning scene!!!

P.S – I will try to collect and compile as much gifs and pics as I can


The rest will be gifs and images (BTS and screencaps) I collect or compile from other sources.

BTS of Episode 44, Empress Ki. Emperor and Kolta look very close, goofing around with their hair. Tal Tal looked way too serious in the 8th gif, everyone was cracking up, but he kept a straight face. Ha Ji Won has a lovely smile and laugh!!! The rest are just behind the scenes – NGs, playing around while waiting and so on.

Playing Rock paper scissors LOL!!!

Tal Tal’s smile *swoons*

Tal Tal’s interview in gif

The reporter is so hyped hehehe!!!

He definitely likes his hair lol!!!
I ❤ ❤ ❤ these photos!!!!
Borrowing the words of my friend – ”Dorkiness at it’s finest” XDD
He couldn’t get his hands over his head to do the love symbol while send greetings to his parents.


Okay more stuffs 😉

 Seriously?? LOL!!!


Exactly how I felt…… 




3 thoughts on “[RS] – Empress Ki (Gallery)

  1. […] My first impression of him was in Empress Ki, apart from that nothing else. The funniest thing is, I didn’t actually notice him or take a good look at him until after 20 something episodes *hangs head in shame* I can be really slow at times. I’m going to miss Empress Ki now that it has come to an end 😦 It is such an awesome saeguk [historical drama]. I’m not a fan of saeguk, but this is a wonderful exception…… I will try to put up galleries for some of the cast of Empress Ki, keyword being ”try”. I think I’ve done that already —> here […]


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