Happy Sunday #68

A friend who’s in South Korea at the moment took this picture. I’m so jelly!!! – Cheongyecheon, Seoul


Image For The Week

I can’t wait to eat this tomorrow [Monday]. Woohooo!!! XDD

Saying For The Week

Yup you/neo/anata/du!!!!



—–> Variety show and checklist

I will be reviving the RS section THIS week by putting a gallery or album folder for a kpop idol, who is currently filming a KBS drama ^_^ Well you can try guessing hehehe!!!

Truly, there hasn’t been much update on my checklist. I haven’t watched any movie or even an anime for a while now. But I should finish Khing Kor Rah Kar Kor Raeng this week and Empress Ki will soon be over. Oh, I actually did watch a movie, a Bollywood movie – Dhoom 2….. No comment…..

Back to the gallery section, I’m going to change the format a bit. There will be no more preambles as to who they are, what they do and how I stumble upon them and all. Well, if you still want me to do that, I could still add that. For now, it will strictly be photos, selfies and gifs.

I watched some variety shows as usual – Happy Together, the episode with the casts of Wang’s Family and Wonderful Days. The episode with the cast of Wonderful Days was soooo hilarious!!!! I got updated on Cool Kiz on the Block and of course Running Man and We Got Married.


Song For The Week

It high time I introduced one of favourite Lakorn OST. It’s from the Lakorn Sao Chai Hi Tech. ENJOY!!!


Eye Candy For The Week

This week’s eye vitamin is Wooyoung!!!! Why?? Nothing much in particular, I’m watching him and Park Se Young on WGM and they are just soooo cute and funny hahaha!!! Too bad their ep wasn’t aired this week. I was looking forward to it 😦  But hey!!! This should console ”us” till next week ^^

Have a blessed week!!!

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