RS – Kim Hyun Joong

Okay, a quick update, I actually said I wasn’t going to bother talking so much about the person and that I will just jump right straight into the gallery, but on second thoughts, I think I should include the whole rambling.

So, I first came across KHJ in BOF, well for those who don’t know the full meaning of BOF – Boys Over Flower. I don’t know how many people share my sentimemt on that drama. I am one of those that couldn’t handle the whole drama and fast-forwarded through ep 12 to ep 25. Hoping to see a wonderful ending, yeah, it didn’t go down well.

Well, that aside. I first saw him there and I later saw him in We Got Married. He was paired with Hwangbo [such an energetic person]. I can’t remember what season that was, but it was a fun watch, they were nicknamed the Lettuce Couple.

Then of course he’s the leader of SS501. I have no idea what they are doing with that group. I reserve my bitchy comment about DSP media *tries to hold it in* That agency have a way of messing things up. I sincerely hope they at least do a final stage performance, before they disband. Wait all ya Triple S I’m not saying they will disband, but as things are going now, there’s a probability that might happen.

What else?? His sings are really good also, for those who haven’t given his songs a shot, try giving them a shot. He starred in Playful Kiss also and currently [2014] Inspiring Generation.


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