Happy Sunday #70

I have given up on the weather here LOL!!! One day it’s all bright, 2 days later you need to get your jackets back on.


Image For The Week

Another photo taken by one of my FB friends. I can totally feel spring.


Saying For The Week

Back to drama quotes, I haven’t posted one in a while.



As usual —> Checklist and Variety Show

The pages are fully ready to be useful, navigation should be better ^_^ —> Happy Sunday, For RelSpa there are 5 sub-pages, this link is one of the sub pages. To view the other pages, just click on the sub pages under RelSpa.

I put up a poll recently and Taiwanese actor/actress got the most votes. Look forward to a new gallery!!! 

Another idea popped into my head yesterday while watching a programme on TV. I’m thinking of adding Word -, App/Gadget-, Video for the week to Happy Sunday. I’m still playing around with the idea.


Song For The Week

Going western today, anyone excited?? I am!!! It’s one of my favourite song – Loved Me Back To Life by Celine Dion. ENJOY!!!


Eye Candy For The Week

Gracing you with Ivy Chen – a Taiwanese actress


Have a blessed week!!! 😉

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