Happy Sunday #71

HAPPY EASTER everyone!!!


Image For The Week



Saying For The Week


This will be up earlier than usual…… Last week [I’m one of those that think a new week starts on Sunday] was quite depressing and sad, so many depressing news all over the place – the MH370 passengers are still yet to be found, the Sewol incident in South Korea, another boat/ferry incident in Indonesia, bombing in Nigeria killing over 100 people and in the same country 200 high school female students were kidnapped. These are all I know, there might be more out there. I really pray for the strength and consolation of the affected families……..You might not be religious or might not believe in God or whatever, but please try to send a quick prayer or word of encouragement to the affected families. For more updates, you know where to look —> Variety show and Checklist. So, I started a new drama again, lol!!! Don’t even bother asking about the other ones I’ve started. Why?? Because they are all on hold hehehe!!! It’s the Thai version of Full House. I’m on ep 6, it’s  really funny and good so far. I’m also beginning to dislike the second female lead -_-  Of course I still get my weekend dose of Empress Ki. ^^ 

Song For The Week

This is one of my favourite gospel song, All For You by Hillsong United. ENJOY!!! Plus, I think this totally fits Easter…. or, anyways, enjoy!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vMIY__Ydrq8

Eye candy For The Week

This week we have Yoo Ah In [I almost wrote Yoo In Na *face palm*, that would have been a serious issue]. I hear he’s doing an amazing job in the JTBC drama Secret Love Affair [ 밀회]. I have the drama on my radar, but I need to clear some dramas off my list first.

Have a blessed and happy week irrespective of what might be going on  around you ^_^

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