RS – Janine Chang

I don’t mean to sound off, but since most of Janine Chang’s details can probably be found anywhere from WikipediaDramawiki, Mydramalist  to Baidu I don’t think I should bother writing about that XDDD

Before I go any further, I want to have a  little fangirl moment. I LOVE PETER HO AND JANINE CHANG!!!!!! Yes I DO. They really look soooo perfect together. If you haven’t seen them in anything, then you need to check out Ring Ring Bell and Unconditional Love.

Okay, *fangirl mode turned off* 

I actually don’t know much about the Taiwanese/Chinese/Hong Kong entertainment industry, but she’s one of the few I have actually grown to LIKE. I first saw her in Ring Ring Bell, her acting  was really good, but if you are familiar with Taiwanese dramas, there are always some frustrating factors lol!!! But that aside, it’s a good drama. And I didn’t need much persuasion to watch Unconditional Love also known as Le Jun Kai. After knowing both her and Peter Ho were starring alongside each other, that was reason enough 😀

Apart from all her works, I looked her up and she really looks like a hella intelligent chic. Not anyone lands a Bachelor in Law and goes for a Masters in Economic. *trying to suppress fangirl mode* I think she’s just totally awesome IMO.

Now off to some awesome pics…………..

I can only 3 people from this picture – Janine Chang spotting the long black hair with bangs, Joe Cheng in the grey hat, and Eddie Peng in the grey suits and heavy eyeliner 😀

Joe Cheng and Janine Chang

Janine Chang & Mike He

Janine Chang & JJ Lin

Janine Chang & Vic Zhou

Janine Chang & Wallace Chung – I definitely have to see this!!!
Janine Chang & Peter Ho. I love these two together!!!

Janine Chang and Peter Ho – A photo shoot for Ring Ring Bell

Peter Ho & Janine Chang – Ring Ring Bell
Janine Chang & Peter Ho – Ring Ring Bell

Ring Ring Bell – Janine Chang & Peter Ho

Janine Chang & Mike He

I am sure we know who the guy is LOL!!! – Peter Ho

Ella Chen and Janine Chang

Janine Chnag & Xiu Jie Kai
Janine Chang & Ivy Chen
Janinie Chang & Nick Chou



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