Happy Sunday #72


Saw this some weeks ago. I certainly agree.


Image For The Week


Saying For The Week

Very true lol!!!



—> Checklist and Variety Shows

In case you missed Janine Chang’s gallery–> here 

Yesterday was awesome, didn’t do anything school related, nothing at all. Just cleaned my room, kept rolling on my bed lol!!! Went with friends to have lunch at a Chinese restaurant. It’s buffet, we ate to our heart’s content. There and then someone suggested we go to the park. I was thinking picnic, but we just ate right lol!!! Instead the person said, let’s go have Hookah/Shisha and beer hehehe!!! We definitely did that, we bought a small one and every other necessary stuff needed, got our beers, went down to the park, found a good spot and it began. After that, we bought Marschmallows and Pringles hehehehe!!! Our topics for discussion were quite weird, but totally needed and very very interesting I must say. Yesterday was really so much fun!!! And of course l didn’t forget to get my Saturday/weekend dose of Empress Ki 😀


Song For The Week

Reggae tone song, one of the topics we had yesterday 😀 La  Gasolina by Daddy Yanke. ENJOY!!!


Eye Candy For The Week

I don’t think I can think straight anymore and it’s all due to today’s eye candy. He’s sooooo perfect *fangirl mode on* He really is – he can act, sing, dance, play the piano, his voice is…. I can’t find words to explain it. He is also cute. I putting together a gallery for him *excited*

Here he is Jin Yi Han!!!! He plays Tal Tal in Empress Ki


Have a wonderful week!!!

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