Happy Sunday #73

This is quite sad 😦 Over 200 girls………….. Please put them in your prayers.


Image For The Week

Some bodies from the Korean Sewol accident are still yet to be found, same goes for the MH370 plane…… I pray they find them and also for consolation to the affected families and persons……


Saying For The Week

From the anime D Gray Man



Sorry for the sad intro…… Although life must go on amidst all that’s going on, it’s just a little reminder to pray for affected families of the above incidents that with time they will heal…..

—-> Checklist & Variety Show

*sobs* Empress Ki ended last week…… I wonder when I will get over it…… Cunning Single Lady is so hilarious XDDD I had no clue Joo Sang Wook could pull that role off hehehe!!! He’s all CEO-ish and capable and on the other hand he’s so petty and childish….. The drama is really cute and funny. I also watched a Bollywood movie – Hasee Toh Phasee. I rated it a 7/10. I laughed so hard I teared up. There was a LOT going on in the movie and it was sooo easy to predict, but if you put all of that aside, you will be cracking seriously……. I liked it.

Song For The Week

One of the songs from Hasee Toh Phasee. ENJOY!!!


Eye Candy For The Week

She’s doing a good job in Cunning Single Lady [IMO] ^_^

Lee Min Jung!!!!


Be awesome and have a lovely week!!!

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I will leave these here 😉

This is video titled LOOK UP – spreading the word


Someone was kind and wonderful enough to think up ”An In Heaven” Scenario of Empress Ki. Here it is (Moi is just sharing)

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