Happy Sunday #75

I didn’t know tears were this different, but obviously they are. Images by Rose-Lynn Fisher.


Image For The Week

Mackerel and Yellow tail fish. If only food could be downloaded *sighs*


Saying For The Week




—-> Variety Show.

A lot sure happened in the Korean entertainment industry this past week. 3 break ups in total and a law suit 😦 Just when I was so glad about Ji Hyun Woo being released from the military and I was looking forward to an off screen romance. I was hit with his break up with Yoo In Na…. aigoo and as if that wasn’t enough Kim Bum & Moon Geun Young and Kim Woo Bin &  model Yu Ji An also announced their break ups. JHW and YIN decided to maintain a Sunbae-Hoobae relationship and the other pairs decided to remain friends. Irrespective of what the-behind-the scene-story is about their break up, I hope they are happy with their choices ^_^

And the biggest blow…….I rephrase that, the unexpected blow for last week was Kris suing SM. He even hired the same lawyer who helped Hangeng. Whatever the whole reason is, I hope it passes quickly without unnecessary drama, there’s been quite a lot of drama last week already lol!!! 

But amidst all of these there are 2 long-awaited combeack. GOD is coming back after a hiatus of 9 years and Fly To The Sky (Brian and Hwanhee – how I miss Hwanhee!!!) is making a comeback with their 9th album. 

Oh yeah!!!!


Song For The Week

I finally finished season 1 of the Global edition We Got Married. I can’t get Taecyeon and Gui Gui’s song out of my head!!! ENJOY!!!


Eye-Candy For The Week

This week’s eye candy is Gui Gui!!!! 

Gui Gui also known as Wu Ying Jie. She is so ultra super cute!!!

Have a wonderful week!!!

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