[RS] – May/June Comebacks Recap

A quick look at the newest comebacks in no particular order. For those familiar with the Korean entertainment industry, you know how confusing it is to keep up with the latest groups, albums and comebacks, hence some recent comebacks might be missing in this recap.



After numerous teasers, ”Quit Playing” the title song from their album MONO SCANDAL was released. I was really looking forward to this after seeing all them HAWT teaser photos, but I think they overdid the MV, yup they really did overdo it.



I stumbled on this one, while scrolling through my newsfeed on Facebook. I took a peek at the MV, they sure have grown up a lot.


3. BEAST – No More

I have been watching their variety show BEAST Showtime. They haven’t said much about their comeback, but I think there’s a MV teaser and tons of photo LOL!!!


4. ZE:A – First Homme

They are back as a group with Breath. It’s good to see all of them together again, they’ve been busy doing individual and sub group activities.


5. Taeyang – RISE

Of course I didn’t forget him XDD A lot of people were awaiting his return and as usual Taeyang and YG delivered.


6. Sweet Sorrow – For Lovers Only

They are also back with their album titled – For Lovers Only. Does that mean singles can’t listen to it?? :/  lol!!! I actually haven’t listened to it myself, but I’m sure their vocals are as good as usual.


7. VIXX – Eternity

Yeah!!! They always have different concept for their singles and album, last was the voodoo concept, but they are back as gentlemen or men in suits lol!!! The title song Eternity sounds quite nice.


8. 15& – Sugar

I have Kakaotalk and added JYPE as a plus friend, so of course I got notified when the album Sugar was released, not only that, I also received notifications about every teaser and even music show performances hehehe!!! 


9. Baek Z Young – Still In Love

I wonder how she ever manages her voice. It always sound sooo good. I’m not a huge fan of ballads, but she’s the few exceptions.



They are having talks on making a comeback later this year, but they currently debut in Japan, so I guess they will be busy with that for a while.


11. So Ji Sub

He is also preparing for a Korean comeback and an Asian Tour.


12. Kim Yeon Woo – MOVE

He did a good job on Cool Kiz on the Block during the Taekwondo episodes, I must confess I had no idea who he was when he first came on the show lol!!! He also made a comeback with MOVE.


13. Crush – Crush on You 

A friend shared the song. I looked it up and found out it was new. 


14. Girl’s Day

They have confirmed their comeback, which will be on the 14th of July


15. PSY – Hangover

He dropped another single featuring Snoop Dogg [Snoop Lion, I have no idea which one he officially goes by]. I actually saw this news this morning.


Some other artists still promoting their songs

Fly To The Sky – Continuum

I love this duo [Hwanhee and Brian]


G.Na – Secret/Pretty Lingerie


Infinite – Season 2


For more comebacks —-> Click me

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