Happy Sunday #80

The Best match this week was Ghana vs Germany. It was really good. Also that of Iran vs Argentina. During an analysis I heard Greece has the strongest defense. After watching Iran vs Argentina’s match, I hereby declare Iran as the  country with the best defense, it’s awesome. Looking forward to today’s match. Who knew World Cup would be this interesting LOL!!!


Image For The Week

Pad Thai. I so want this now!!!


Saying For The Week

I don’t know if I should take this in the good or bad way. I guess we shouldn’t and can’t runaway from the inevitable.



I finished another drama recently – I Hear Your Voice, rated it 8.5/10. It is an interesting Noona-romance-thriller-law drama to watch.

I haven’t caught with all my pending variety shows yet. After I catch up, Imma start GOT7 and Barefoot Friends. A friend of mine keeps pushing BFF down my throat lol!!!

I have started a new anime also – Ben-To, it’s such a funny anime. People fighting over half-priced Bentos hehehehe!!!

For those not watching the World Cup yet, it is not too late to start. You can as well begin now. Plus there are videos of the matches online 😉


Song For The Week

I heard this song yesterday, while watching  fan-made videos of What’s up Fox?. Sweet Love by Liviu Hodor ft Mona


Eye Candy For The Week

Another footballer. Here is Uchida Atsuko No 2 of the Japanese team

He’s such a cutie!!!
He has such an ultra cute face!!!!

Have a lovely week ad watch the World cup :p

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