Happy Sunday #81

This is seriously cracked me up!!! Yesterday’s match between Brazil and Chile was quite serious for the first match in the eight final. I am quite nervous about the first quarter final match Brazil and Columbia. I do want Brazil to win the match, but yeah….. let’s see how to goes.


Image For The Week

Imma just leave this here lol!!!


Saying For The Week

Totally agree!!!



I am making some sort of progress with my drama challenge, completed 3 other dramas – What’s up Fox (7.5/10), Heartbeat Love (8.5/10) and Wishing For Happiness (7/10). 

I don’t do much these days, apart from watching the matches and dramas/TV shows/variety shows. Recaps on this month’s kpop comeback and such will be up on the first of July, stay tuned.

I really should have watched Let’s Eat when it was airing. I find it so funny and stress-relieving!!!!


Song For The Week

There’s been so many covers of Taeyang’s Eyes, Nose, Lip. Tablo also made a cover featuring Taeyang. ENJOY!!!


Eye Candy For The Week

Dropping another footballer, it is none other than James Rodriguez, the current top scorer for Columbia.

I can’t believe the number of cute and hawt footballers. Not only does he have a cute face, he’s also a damn good player. Thanks to him Columbia qualified for the quarter finals

Have a positive week!!!

I will leave this here 😀 How I wish I can watch this as soon as possible

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