Recap: June’s Comeback & Debut

I tried keeping tracks of the lots of comebacks that were made last month. Here is a recap of THOSE I knew of. There will probably be more, but yeah….. I am also throwing in some upcoming comebacks and debuts.

Without further much ado.


1. 2NE1

Wondering why 2NE1 is on the list? After topping some of the charts due to the release of their album CRUSH.  They went on to release a Japanese album of CRUSH and also a PV. This is actually the first video I am watching from the album, I am not so much of a fan. Also, it seems as if CL is under fire for having excessive screen time in this MV —> click for more details.

Here’s the PV, what are your thoughts?? Did CL really have excessive screen time??


2. GOT7

JYPE is actively promoting GOT7, which I think it’s good.  GOT7 dropped their 2nd mini-album- GOT LOVE, it was released on the 23rd of June after the release of teasers of individual members for ‘A’.  I keep saying I will watch their variety show, but I am yet to get around to doing it.

A’s MV – it’s such a fun video and those boys are really cute!!!

Full album – I don’t have a favourite track yet, but I overall I like the feel of the album.


3. AOA

AOA is also back with their first mini-album titled SHORT HAIR. It was released on the 16th. Also AOA isn’t a group I follow, apart from their popular comeback songs such as Confused and Mini-skirt (where they had to modify their choreography), I don’t really know much about them. There isn’t much about the MV. Throw in the normal cute settings, some butt dancing and funny scenes. It is an okay for me, nothing out the ordinary. For more —> here 

Full album – A total of 7 tracks; Fantasy, Short Hair, Joayo, Soulmate, You Know That and instrumentals of both Joayo and Short hair.


4. Dynamic Duo

Choiza and Gaeko made a comeback with a summer theme single titled SUMMER TIME. I love Dynamic Duo, I have a couple of their songs. There are sure a lot of bright colours in the MV. Choiza is cladded in a pink suit and Gaeko in an orange suit. They were also their usual self lol!!! I don’t think they featured anyone in the MV, if they did then I must have missed it. Overall it’s a simple MV, but a good hip-hop song.



Nu’est have been  quiet for a while, but not to worry they have are hinting at a Korean comeback album (Re:BIRTH) with the release of teasers of each member. They have been busy concentrating on their Japan debut.

Here are some teaser photos.

Ren’s teaser. There really needs to  be a law against males THIS pretty…..
Group teaser


6. J-Min

I am glad J-min will finally be properly promoted as a solo artist in Korea. She released her first digital single on the 23rd titled HOO, and SM is also planning the release of her first album. She mostly does OSTs, I think the most popular of them all is Stand Up one of the OSTs for To The Beautiful You. For more infos —> click me


7.  Jung Jun Yong

The eternal rocker has dropped a mini-album – TEENAGER, shortly after his recently released duet with Younha – Just The Way You Are. He composed all the songs for the album and even contributed to the album’s concept and overall production.


8. Say Yes

I don’t know jack about this group until now (there’s a LOT of group I don’t know about -_- ). Anyway, the 5-membered group is back with SAY GOOD their second mini-album.  They are rocking a bad boy look for the title track Get Out.


9. K-Will

I always try my best not to miss any of K-Will’s releases, he has such a wonderful voice and good concepts for his songs. His latest mini-album One Fine Day is not an exception.  Day 1’s MV stars Park Min Woo *squeals* (He love his dimples) and Soyu!!! Soyu has been quite busy these days, if she’s either starring in a music video or singing a duet.

Here’s the video for Day 1


10.  Beast/B2ST

I have already written about the teaser MV that was released for the title track for their 6th mini-album GOOD LUCK.


12. Cross Gene

CG dropped a single- Amazing Bad Lady early this month. As if we don’t have enough of crotch-rubbing/grabbing-dances lol!!!


13. N-Sonic

The 6-member group made their comeback with the album RESET after one year of hiatus.


14. So Ji Sub

I previously mentioned So Ji Sub was preparing for an Asian tour and a Korean comeback. He released his digital single full album titled 18 years, where he collaborated with Soul Drive another outstanding rapper. The  title track  18 Years is about all he planned on saying during is 18 years as an actor.

Full album


15. Jun.K

Member of the beastly idol boyband group 2PM released the K-version of No Love, after its Japanese version was released. *wants a 2PM comeback* I LIKE the song!!!


16. Ha Ji Won

I won’t call this a comeback…… For those of us who misses Empress Ki, this should console us. This single is titled Now In This Place. It is produced by Jae Chong.



I think I have found another girl group that will be on my list of favourite girl groups. The four member group released their first mini-album titled HELLO. Mr Ambiguous’ MV feat quite a number of their sunbaes – Bumkey, Baek Ji Young, CN BLUE’s JongHyun and Jung Jun Yong (I am not exactly sure he’s their sunbae). I strongly recommend this group, they’ve also worked with other artists such as Bumkey, Geeks, K.Will and Wheesung

Mr Ambiguous’ MV

Full album 


18. Taeyang

Shortly after the release of MV for Eyes, Nose, Lips, 1AM’s MV was also opened to the public.


19. History

The five member boy group made a comeback with their third mini-album DESIRE. 




WINNER has already garnered a lot of fans during the variety show WIN. Plus YG is actively promoting them via continuous release of teaser photos and MVs for The Visitor, they also participated in Big Bang’s and 2NE1’s tours.

One out the numerous teaser photos.

teaser MV


2. Prin Jerry

Prin Jerry is a female soloist, she made her debut with Hey! Come on and featured Mir of MBLAQ



They make their debut with Fever and the release of their first single album 38°C. The group’s name is short for “Hexagon of Absolute Light and Organization,” meaning they shine the brightest with all six members (OOON – the leader, In Haeng, Dino, Yoon Dong, Hee Cheon, Jae Yong) together.



BIGFLO consists of 5 members – Jungkyun (leader) a former N-Train trainee, Ron, Hightop, Z-Uk, and Yuseong. The group’s name is the combination of BIG and FLOW. They kicked of their debut with the release of their first mini-album titled FIRST FLOW.

Delilah’s MV – I like the vibe and beat

Full album


5. B.I.G

The group’s name stands for Boys In Groove. It is a 5 member group under GH Entertainment. Below is a short intro MV.


Upcoming Comebacks

Most these comebacks are going to be in July and you might also want to mark some of them on your calendar.

1. HyunA

She will be making a comeback in July with a solo album. Details about the release date and the album are yet to be known.


2. f(x)

Thanks to Kakaotalk plus friend, I keep getting a notification for every teaser lol!!! They will be making their comeback with RED LIGHT another album on the 7th of July. Below are teaser photos.

Victoria’s teaser photo


3. JYJ

Finally JYJ will be making a comeback together as a group after 3 year, freaking excited. Imma They’ve also slated their comeback for July. They have also confirmed to perform on the same stage as EXO, hmmm….. I just need some to cover whatever will happen backstage between the two.


4. ShinHwa

I love these MEN XDD. Unfortunately, there won’t be any comeback from them till sometime next year *sighs* Till then I keep watching their concerts and live performances.


5. Daesung

Big Bang’s Daesung will be releasing his Japanese solo album titled D’s Love in July. I really hope YG isn’t trolling us and definitely release Daesung’s album in July. Daesung took part in writing the songs and overall production of the album.

Album’s jacket



Jackie Chan self-produced boy group Double JC will make a comeback with an album in July.  The album will be produced by Duble Sidekick!!!


7.  Girl’s Day

This comeback was actually supposed to be made in June, but was pushed back to July. They want to give more quality to the album, also the concept of the album will be different from the sexy concept for SOMETHING.


8. g.o.d

I have already written about G.O.D’s comeback a while a go. They are coming together for their 15th anniversary project and this project will be in form of a full length album. SidusHQ agency which is in charge of the release has already confirmed this comeback for the month of July. Below is the third teaser feat Kim Tae Woo, for other teasers –> here



One of my favourite girl group will be also be making their comeback this month. They will be keeping their sexy concept and this will mark their comeback after a year and a month. I am definitely looking forward to this one.


10. Block B

They are also part of the kpop groups making a comeback in July. Zico will also be in charge of this new brand mini-album. According to the reps, the concept for this album will be different from their other concepts.


11. Clazzquai

Yes Clazzquai is also dropping some beats!!! They will be releasing a single sometime in the middle of July and also their 6th album in September/October just in time for their 10th anniversary. For more infos —> click


12. Super Junior

I don’t mean the whole group, only EunHyuk and DongHae will be releasing a new Japanese single titled Skeleton on August 6th.


13. 100%

They will be releasing a light summer but energetic album titled SunKiss. Comeback stage will be on the 3rd of July, while the album will be released on the 7th. The title track is You’re Pretty.

Album jacket


You’re Pretty Teaser


14. EXID

EXID just recently signed with Yedang Entertainment. Upon their signing with Yedang, Shinsadong Tiger will be helping with their comeback, which is marked for July.


15. Junho

Junho 2PM’S member is  slated to release Japanese album on the 9th of July.  FEEL GOOD will be his Japanese second mini-album. I guess HOTTEST will have to make do with this before 2PM makes a comeback.


So which comebacks and debut do you have on your radar?? I am excited about some comebacks – SISTAR, Block B, JYJ, Shinhwa, JJCC, Junho and Daesung. 

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