Happy Sunday #82

With only 4 matches left to the end of this year’s World Cup, all of things have happened and yet to happen. Costa Rica did a good job against Netherlands. I actually wanted to Costa Rica to oust Netherlands……. That aside, I wonder how the next matches will go, as the countries involved are getting close in laying their hands on the Cup.


Image For The Week

Noua Park in Brasov. It’s pretty, isn’t?? It looks peaceful also. Those watching Hotel King (Korean drama) will be able to relate to this; the bridge on the right looks like the one at Ciel Hotel in the drama.


Saying For The Week

This woman is one hella actress and her role in Hotel King is scary to say the least.



—–> Checklist and Variety show

After much thought about the next drama to watch ( I always have  an issue with picking the next drama to watch), I finally settled to pick up Hotel King back. I started HK, but placed it on hold after watching 3 eps. Well, NOW I just finished ep 14 YESSS!!!! I have 10 more eps to go and I should be able to catch up by then…..I find it neither fast or slow paced, but it has this steady feel to it. 

I am quite worried about Brazil’s next match against Germany. I know how much of a wonderful player Neymar is, but I am sure his teammate will try their utmost best…… It will be nice if people don’t just make it look as if the Brazilian team is doomed because Neymar won’t be able to play on the 8th. Wishing Neymar Jr a speedy recovery!!!!

As if we don’t have enough news from the Big 3, Park Bom’s case has been added. I really hope the media won’t dig up cases that have been settled, just because they want to heat up things or are bored. It’s really terrible………

I always try not to comment in writing about stuffs happening around in the world, especially politically or issues that include wars and disputes. But I think the dispute between Palestine and Israel have gone on for too long and it’s high time things calmed down. Innocent lives keep getting warped and wrapped up in the whole dispute and young lives are also lost……..


Song For The Week

Going for a song I stumbled on while looking for another. I Don’t Care by Kid Ink Ft. Maejor Ali, ENJOY!!!


Eye Candy For The Week

As the World Cup is still on, here’s another footballer/soccer player.

He is considered one of the best Asian footballer – Hidetoshi Nakata

Have an awesome week, be positive!!!

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