Happy Sunday #83


Cutest on-screen couple EVER!!! Too bad nothing is going on for real *sniffs sniffs*


Image For The Week

Sooooo much talent!!!


Saying For The Week

I have placed this on hold again lol!!! I’m waiting to see how the writer(s) will wrap it up.



—-> Checklist & Variety Shows

I can finally see myself making some progress with my triathlon and book challenge – I had to dramarathon both Just You and Me Too Flower! In 5 days. Crazy right, yes I think I am. I like both actually, rated JY 8/10 and 9/10. They were both so much fun to watch. I took a rest from dramas yesterday and watched The Huntresses (Korean movie), variety show and completed Divergent (the book). The Huntresses was somewhat not I was looking forward to. The execution of the action scenes were actually good, but I felt the movie was lacking somewhat. I rated it 7/10, I found it really hilarious though hehehe!!! And I caught up with Running Man and We Got Married.

I should continue with Global WGM, the last ep for season 2 has been released. My internship will begin tomorrow, I am both excited and nervous 😀


Song For The Week

This song has a deep meaning – Dollhouse by Melanie Martinez. ENJOY!!!!


Eye Candy For The Week

I have actually lost interest in the World Cup lol!!! Obviously the Brazilian team has got a lot of work to do *sighs* …… I purposely didn’t write anything about the Cup until now……. The final match will go down 10pm today. It did be nice if Argentina won ^^

Okay that aside, I present to you another good looking football player, the Iranian’s goalie *drum rolls*

Alireza Haghighi!!! The Iranian team has some really good looking players.

Have an awesome week. don’t give up 😉

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9 thoughts on “Happy Sunday #83

    1. LOL!!! I still have 16 eps to go, I just hope they aren’t thinking of extending it. There’s nothing to extend -_-

      I am doing good, I’ve started my internship, so most of my time is spent at my work place. How are you doing??


      1. They are planning to extend it? with 30 episodes? Ridiculous idea.

        Oh, sounds like you;re busy. I hope you are enjoying your time. I am good, thank you. Been a little busy.


      1. The first half was actually okay, but LDH’s character did a lot of crying lol!!! The writers didn’t seem to be in any rush in the first half. I haven’t started the second half yet…. Are you watching any dramas atm??


      2. Maybe it gets better.

        Yes, Trot Lovers though I am about to drop it after what they did at the end of episode 10. Don;t like where it’s going at all.


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