Happy Sunday #85

Our eternal captain has finally tied the knots today with SBS announcer Kim Minji!!! *pops champagne*


Image For The Week

This could not be any truer!!! LOL!!!


Saying For The Week



Firstly, my condolences to the families of those, who were victims of the Malaysian airline that was shot down, Air Algerie AH5017 and Singapore Airlines SQ006. May the souls of their ones rest in peace and the may the relatives be comforted…… 

—–> Variety Show

As I said last week, I marathoned various variety shows – Global WGM, WGM, Running Man, Cool Kiz on the Block, Roommate and Beast’s Showtime (The Burning Desire). I am all caught up with them, safe for The Human Condition. I plan on continuing Sherlock Holmes (BBC) from where I left off and staring two variety shows – Barefoot Friends and GOT7’s show.

I think around 4-5 eps of Cool Kiz are missing on Kshowonline and YT, or maybe something is wrong with the numbering……. It’s so funny to see Lee Deok Hwa on variety shows especially on Roommate (ep 10), where he was guest of Lee Dong Wook. Global WGM season 2 starring Arisa & Key and Puff & Heechul is quite interesting. All I can say is Heechul is really a ”selang” lol!!! He also needs to tune down his narcissism….. It’s waaay too much sometimes.  I like the way Puff stops all his advances hehehe!!! Key and Ari-chan were really cute.

According to GWGM, Mandarin is easy to learn O.o Well you one doesn’t have to bother about the various tenses of a verb as there’s only one form of each verbs, unlike English or some other languages where you have different forms for each tenses    <—- I really count as very good news XDD. Watching Puff Guo on GWGM has fired me up to take language lessons seriously, so I went back to Memrise and added some new courses, let’s see how it goes this week.

BTW, why do I always tear at the last ep of each WGM?? *sighs*


Song For The Week

One of the original soundtrack of Secret K-drama – Secret by Eru. ENJOY!!!


Eye Candy For The Week

Eye candy for last week were the menz in Roommate, this week will be focusing on the female cast.

From left – right; Park Bom of 2NE1, supermodel Lee Sora, MMA Fighter Song Gayeon, actress Hong Soo Hyun and Nana of Orange Caramel/After School.
Beautiful fighter Song Gayeon!!! She will debuting August 17, I wish her the best of luck!!! *Fightiing*
Supermodel Lee So ra, big unnie of the house!!! It seems she’s always shooting out lasers from her eyes LOL!!!
Cheerful and bubbly Nana of Orange Caramel & Afterschool. There seems to be a lot of people out there criticizing her character on the show…… I think she’s doing her best, she can be over the top at times, but I don’t see anything wrong with her character, plus she uplifts the mood most of times with her playfulness and bubbly attitude.
4D queen along with Nana XDD, 2NE1’s Park Bom. Too bad, due to the drug scandal the ep of Roommate that will air today might be her last 😦 I hope it gets resolved pretty soon *fightiiing*
Actress Hong Soo Hyun!!! She’s somewhat on the quiet side or should I say timid? She also drinks champagne in this huge cup lol!!! I like her!!!. Which reminds me, I need to pick ”History of a Salaryman” back up.

Have a fabulous week and B+!!!

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