Happy Sunday #86

Heechul and Miss Mong


Image For The Week

From an episode of Doctor Who I presume………


Saying For The Week

LOL!!! The first topic today in church was about in-laws, how to save ones marriage from them, more like setting a boundary so that they don’t cause unnecessary chaos and confusion.



—> Variety shows and Check list.

I was able to watch two movies  – Black Butler Kuroshitsuji (J-movie) and Psychometry (K-movie). I rated BBK 8.5/10 and Psychometry 7.5/10. I also tried watching The Human Condition, I felt strange while watching the episodes for the ”Finding True Friends” mission. After watching it, I called up most of the friends I haven’t been in contact with lol!!! I felt good after chatting with most them ^^

I am watching a Lakorn currently – Prissana. This is the second Lakorn I am marathoning after Full House. I really enjoy it, only 3 eps left. I started Friday night, it’s a 16 long ep drama, with each ep being 1hr 30-40 minutes long.

It was so much fun in church today. The whole topic about in-laws was really quite hilarious, I don’t think I want to find myself in any of the situations lol!!! I also ate FREE lunch in church hehehe!!!

I have combed every site, either streaming or downloading sites but I can’t find 30+ Single on Sale 😦 Once a YT account uploads the vid, it gets taken down with speed of light. If anyone has any ideaon where I can watch it either raw or Eng subbed, please do leave a comment. Thanks in advance!!!


Song For The Week

I was listening to a lot of Jake Miller’s song yesterday. Here’s one of them STEVEN, ENJOY!!!


Eye Candy For The Week

Just in case you haven’t heard or read it, Leeteuk Super Junior’s leader is BACK!!!

I can’t wait for his stories about the army on variety talk shows!!!

Have an awesome week!!!

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