Recap: July’s Comebacks & Debuts

*scrolls through list* there’s quite a lot of comebacks in July. I added some non-Korean debuts and comebacks. This is just a recap, meaning I won’t dwell so much on the album or whatever. *confession time* I haven’t heard about some of the groups and I am just listening to more than half of the songs for the first time. Also, they are in no particular order…… Let’s get these started.

To make things easier, here are my recommendations for comebacks – J-Min, Infinite, Block B, SISTAR, g.o.d, JYJ, Henry, Sonnet Son, Eddy Kim, Beenzino, Swings, Kim Hyun Joong and Ra.D.

For debuts – HA:TFELT, Jeon Minju & Yuna Kim, Parc Jae Jung, B.I.G, The BOYKOR  and Lucky J. * I don’t know if you should trust the recommendations of someone that’s somewhat bias* LOL!!! But they are actually good.


P.S Sorry for the late post, I have a lot on my hands. I will try to be punctual with my posts ^_^ Also, do please excuse any mistake of any form, be it typo or whatnot :p thanks!!!



1. B1A4

5th mini-album titled SOLO DAY, which was released on the 14th of July. The title track shares the same title as the album – Solo Day. There are 6 tracks in total – Solo Day, You Make Me A Fool, Are You Happy, A Glass of Water, Drive and You. Take a listen to the full album.


2. f(x)

RED LIGHT. I posted about the teasers in June’s Comebacks and Debut. Unfortunately, they had to stop promotions mid-way because of Sulli’s and Choiza scandal. I have no clear understanding about the whole issue, but since some fans and netizens like causing unnecessary issue, SM thought the best way to handle things is too make them take a quick break AGAIN. Back to the album, RED LIGHT consists of 11 tracks of various genres including urban R&B, dance pop and electropop – Red Light, MILK, 나비 (Butterfly),  무지개 (Rainbow),  All Night,  바캉스 (Vacance),  뱉어내 (Spit It Out), Boom Bang Boom,  Dracula,  Summer Lover,  종이 심장 (Paper Heart). 


3. g.o.d

 The Lone Duckling a ballad was released before the 15th anniversary album project.  Take a listen!!!

It was also good to see another side of Danny Ahn and Yoon Kyesang. Their 8th album CHAPTER 8 was released 8th with whooping 15 tracks. I ultra like Sky Blue Promise song!!!! Check out the album —->


4. C-Clown 

C-Clown also dropped their 4th mini-album LET’S LOVE on the same day as g.o.d It is supposed to be a mini-album, but it contains 10 track lol!! The title track Meet Me feat. Shinsadong Tiger, the album is good overall. Take a listen!!!


5. Kim Hyun Joong

He made a comeback on the 11th of July with his 4th mini- album TIMING. He has really been busy both in Korea with the drama Inspiring generation and in Japan with his Japanese single ”Sun”. For the title track Beauty he worked with producer Kim Chang Rak and Swedish composers Andreas Oberg and Andreas Weise. ”Nothing on You” features Phantom’s Hanhae (BTW, Hanhae has such a beautiful voice. I have listen to his group) and ”His Habit’ features Kim Ye Lim (she has such a unique voice) and Troy’s Kanto. I like all the songs XDD, check it out below!!! 


6. Henry

He is all over the variety shows these days, he even has his own show – Henry’s Real Music. I’m happy for him, SM is doing a good job at promoting him. He dropped his 2nd mini-album on the 14th of July. The album FANTASTIC has 6 tracks, out of which 4 were composed by Henry and his Noize Bank team. EXO’s Chan Yeol, Infinite’s Hoya and SM Rookies’ Seul Gi also feature in Bad Girl, Need You and Butterfly respectively.  Enjoy his awesomeness!!!



SISTAR turned up the heat with their 2nd mini-album TOUCH N MOVE which was released on the 21st and the title track Touch My Body didn’t fall short of expectation. The whole album was produced by top shot producers Choi Kyu Sung, Rado, Duble Sidekick and Kim Do Hoon. Verbal Jint ( I automatically like any song with Verbal Jint. He always manage to have a gooood flow) feat in Bad Girl. Feel the heat also!!!


8. Boys Republic

They made a comeback with a single  – Dress Up. Take a listen!!!



This group is on a roll this year. I don#t know what to call this a comeback?? Since they already made a comeback some few weeks ago. This is their 2nd album BE BACK (For some reasons 2PM’s song I’ll Be Back and Arnold’s famous line from Terminator always pop up in my head LOL!!!), which is actually a repackage of the original album (So, I guess it’s not a comeback then). It consists of all of the songs from the original album and two new tracks + new album photos. Enjoy the repackage!!!


10. J-Min

True to SME’s words her first mini-album SHINE was released on the 18th. This also her first Korean mini-album, it contains 6 tracks and she wrote 3 songs. I am loving the album!!! 


11. HyunA

The face of 4Minute Hyuna made things hotter with her 3rd mini-album A TALK. She feat. Yo Seop of Beast on From Where to Where and EXID’s Le on Blacklist. Don’t miss it below!!!


12. JYJ

The looooooong awaited comeback, I can’t believe it took them 3 years. Back Seat the title track was released on the 29th. JUST US is the title of JYJ’s 2nd album. I think most of  the tracks were recorded in the States, they had a collabo with Chris Brown for the song Valentine. The album contains 13 tracks cutting across several genres. Feel their sexiness below!!!


13. Block B

Block B came back with a 4th mini-album H.E.R on the 20th. HER was produced by Zico (he’s really really talented), the mini-album includes the title song H.E.R, Rare Woman, Hug Me Now, their last single Jackpot and the rough  version of Very Good. Take a listen!!!


14. HOMME [Changmin & Lee Hyun]

HOMME is a duo group of 2AM’s Changmin and 8Eight’s Lee Hyun, they released their first mini-album – POUR LES FEMMES. It includes 6 track with It Girl being the title track. Enjoy their sonorous voices!!!


15. BesTIE

 BesTIE debuted last year and came back with their first mini-album HOT BABY. The album consists of 7 tracks including the title track Hot Baby. Enjoy!!!


16. Girl’s Day

Girl’s day also made their comeback with Girl’s Day Everyday #4 a mini-album. The mini-album contains 5 tracks including the title track Darling. Take a listen!!!


17. Heyne

Heyne is back again with another cute concept, she released a new single on the 24th – Red Lie. Enjoy!!!


18. Taewan

Taewan also goes by the name C-Luv. The R&B singer, songwriter and composer chose  July to release his mini-album AS I AM. It has 8 tracks and he also features San E. Enjoy some R&B and Soul pop!!!


19. Sunny Hill

I almost missed this, but thanks to Tumblr.  Sunny Hill made their comeback as a four-member group with a pre-release track  ”Once In Summer” from their upcoming album. It is a collaboration between composers KZ and Gomdol, featuring a synth pop sound and the sweet harmony of the four members. Yup, they are now a 4-member group, after Jang Hyun left the group to focus on his career as a producer.


20. Ra.D

He is one of the Korean rappers I’m always on a lookout for. He has GOOOOD stuffs!!! This is his third album – SOUNDZ, it consists of 13 tracks. I can’t find a single link for the whole album -_- Here is the second track For Me, enjoy the tip of the iceberg!!!


21. Swings

He also made a comeback with a mini-album which has quite a long title – Mood Swing part II: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. The album consists of 5 tracks feat. a couple of artists including Dok2 and Mad Clown ( I seriously love the rapping style of those two). Enjoy some real quality hiphop!!!


22. Beenzino

How much I love Beenzino, he has such a unique and different approach. He dropped a mini-album UP ALL NIGHT on the 16th. The album has 5 tracks and features Don Mills and Mayson The Soul. Take a listen!!!


23. Sonnet Son

Son Seung Yeon the first winner of Mnet’s Voice Korea. This is my first time hearing/reading about her. Just listening to this album, I can say she deserve that win. SONNET BLOOMS is her 2nd mini-album, it consists of 10 tracks.  She has a really really good voice. You definitely don’t want to miss out on this!!!

24. Daybreak

I thought this group just debut, apparently it is a kpop indie band that’s been around since 2007.  They released their mini-album CUBE on the 22nd, it consists of 5 tracks. Enjoy!!!


Skull also joined the wagon, I do listen to him once in while when I’m in need of k-reggae.  He dropped the album KING O’ IRIE on the 17th consisting of 14 tracks. Take a listen!!!


26. Eddy Kim

He is known as one of the Top 6 in Mnet’s Superstar K4 Eddand signed under Mystic89. He is also a good friend of Jung Joon Young the eternal rocker lol!!! He released his first mini-album titled THE MANUAL, it consist of 7 tracks. Enjoy!!!


1. Jeon Minju and Yuna Kim

This is a duo made their debut with Goodbye Rain ft Hyunkyu of Bromance. I do like it!!! It’s quite a powerful debut.



2. Ye.A 

Ye.A is a 8 member girl group under Kiroy Entertainment. The members include; Hyeri, Dohye Hwang, Pier, Yi.Gyer, Ka Zoo, Yeorin, Ha.Dy and Chai. They made their debut with Up & Down. Nothing sets Up & Down apart from other girl hroup cute song out there IMO.  Take a listen!!!



Yeeun (Yenny) of Wondergirls’ debut as a solo artist. At first I was wondering where I should place this, under debuts or comebacks. But since she’s will be debuting under a new name as a solo artist, I decided to place it here. The album was released on the 31st and it’s titled <Me?>. Her name HA:TFELT was formed from the combination of “hot” and “heartfelt.” She wrote and composed all of the 7 songs on the album including the title song Ain’t Nobody which expresses the joys and sorrows of her life. Bandmate Lim and rapper Beenzino feature in the album. Enjoy!!!


4.  A.Kor

It is a 5 member group under Doo Republic, but only 3 have debut for now – Ji Young, Kemy and Min Ju. The other two will be released later and the whole group will make their debut in September.  So, for now we have their (pre)debut with the song Payday. It looked okay to me, but with the stunt Doo Republic and Kemy pulled, I doubt anyone will remember Payday for long. Take a listen!!


5. Legend

A five member boy group under JK Space (so many entertainment agencies out there). Members consist of Listen, Roi (Chinese member), Ryu Jae Hyuk, Lito and Lee Changsun. They made their debut with Left Out, I enjoyed listening to them – Enjoy!!!


For some reasons I keep thinking the group’s name is LUXUS lol!!! Back to LU:KUS, it’s a 5 member boy group under Pan Entertainment. The members include – J.One (leader), Donghyun, Kyungjin, Choi and Jinwan. Their debut song —> So Into You, take a listen!!!


7. BIG 

Boys In Groove finally made their debut with Hello under GH Entertainment. Moi listening to Hello and I am cracking up hahaha!!! A very nice debut concept, I didn’t see that coming. I really like it lol!!! Take a listen!!!


8. Red Velvet

A new SME girl group. Should I say they ”just happened” to make their debut as soon as f(x) had to stop the promotions of RED LIGHT midway. By the time this post is released they would have already made their debut with Happiness. If you missed the teasers – here you go. The group consist of Seul Gi, Irene, Wendy and Joy, they’ve all been active one way or the other even before their debut.  

9. 4L

4L short for Four Ladies, it comprises of 4 members – Chany, Ye Seul, Ja Young and J-Na, both Ja Young and J-Na were formerly members of MoA. This group under Jade Entertainment is causing a stir with the concept for their debut song MOVE. What are your thoughts?? Here’s the teaser (Mind you, the video should be out by the time this post get’s released). Below is the first teasers, there are 3 teasers in total.


10. Zest

It is a 6 member group – consisting of Shun (leader), YeHo, Shin, Choi Go, Duk Sin and Chi Woo.  Their debut was made with Last Night Story. Take a listen!!!


11 Parc Jae Jung 

Parc Jae Jung of Superstar K5, he makes his formal debut with his first mini-album STEP 1.  His debut album includes 5 tracks with Ice Ice Baby as the title song, he feat. Beenzino (another very very good artist) in the titles song. Singer Seo In Young an active supporter of PJJ also participated in the production and visual direction of STEP 1. Take a listen!!!


 12. Lucky J 

A group consisting of J’Kyun, Jessi and J-Yo. They made their debut under YMC Entertainment with the single Can You Hear Me?, which is also home to Wheesung, Ailee, and Baechigi. Enjoy!!!

13. Lodia

This is a female duo group – Effy and Elena. They are signed under ATC Entertainment, they made their with debut with I Got A Feeling. Take a listen!!!

14. Eve

This is the same name as a K-rock band that debut in 1997. That aside, this is new female girl group, I can’t seem to find much about them. They made their debut on the 11th with Mystery Love. Take a listen!!!

15. Step Girl

The titled of the group’s debut song is same as the group’s name – Step Girl. Enjoy!!!

16. Play the Siren

A Co-ed group, 4 male members and 2 female members – Siren, CJ Marvin, Squalla, Baekbum, Chichi and Kasper. There are 3 version of their debut song Dream Drive – Trap ver ft. Bay B, piano ver ft. Monday Kiz and another version ft Luna of f(x). Below is the trap version featuring Bay B, enjoy!!!

17. Paran the Pace

Paran the Pace released their digital single PARADOXX on the 21st. Take a listen!!!

18. Taurine 

Taurine made their debut with Wish List. Enjoy!!!


1. Super Junior

Suju’s 7th album with leader Leuteuk, but since Shindong is next in line in enlisting for the military he might miss out on the comeback 😦  


2. Taemin

Taemin of SHINee will be making a solo debut mid August.  



CNBLUE is really garnering a LOT of attention these days. They will be dropping a Japanese single – Go Your Way on August 20.  


4. BTS

BTS should also hit us soon sometime in August.   


5. 2PM

For all the HOTTESTs out there, according to Wooyoung and JYPE, 2PM should be making a comeback in September. I am looking forward it!!!!


6. GOT7

For their fans in Japan, GOT7 will be making a Japanese debut soon. For now there are starring in a webdrama by JYP pictures.


7. Sunny Hill

They should be dropping a new album mid-August.


Teasers for I Did It were released last month, they want to break into the American market with I Did It. 


9. The Ark

It is 5 member group which will also include Jeon Minju and Yuna Kim according to a statement released by their agency Music K Entertainmennt.

The logo of the group. Looking forward to the other members!!

10. TS Ent. new girl group

I can’t seem to find the name of the group, hence, TS Entertainment new girl group. It will be a group of 7 members, so far so good I have only seen 2 teaser photos of 2 members. Here they are

Stage name – New Sun
Stage name – Nahyun



More teaser everything – photos, album. Just more, more teasers. Below is the teaser for upcoming debut album 2014 S/S GRAND LAUNCH



1. Brand New Vibe

This is a Japanese boy band, they made their comeback with Tokyo Zombie. Take a listen!!!



This is a new Thai duo, their debut was made with Hello. I like the song ^_ ^ Enjoy!!!


3. Yamashita Tomohisa

Yamapi for short is rumored to be making a comeback with a mini-album ASOBI on the 20th of August.

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