Happy Sunday #87

This freaking cracked me up!!! LOL!!!


Image For The Week

You Are Here Cafe!!! I really want to go there also 😦 For those in Korea, do drop by 😀 I can guarantee you of a very good service.


Saying For The Week

For some reasons I’m sad…….. From the anime Little Busters



—> Checklist & Variety show

The Human Condition is the only show I’ve been watching, no Running Man, Roommate and We Got Married. I will catch up on them this week and keep watching THC on the side. I finally got to watch 30+ Single on Sale BUT, without English subtitles 😦 The hauptsache (main point) is, I got to watch it ^_^ I am also back to watching Hotel King – How do I feel about it?? I also don’t know.  Either way, I hope to finish it sometime next week.

A friend recommended a language app – HelloTalk. It’s a language exchange app. I am still trying to work it…… I got to chat with some Korean and Japanese native speakers.


Song For The Week

There are two songs that have been replaying all week long – San E’s Body Language and Henry’s Fantastic. Since Body Language just got released last week, Imma post that instead. ENJOY!!!


Eye Candy For The Week

I’ve ran out of eye candies :p lol!!! I dropped by IGWIW my friend’s tumblr and yes I found something – Song Seung Hun!!! He’s really delicious looking.

I haven’t watched any of his works in a while. *browses through PTWL* 

Have a blissful week!!!

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