African Tage in Vienna

This post was supposed to be up 2 weeks ago, you can blame its lateness on my ”busy” schedule —- busy doing nothing *tsk tsk*  I had the opportunity to attend the last day of the African Tage event that was held in Vienna. And off I went without much expectation as it was my first time attending such an event. Also, I needed a breather from my room and my laptop.

To cut the long story short – I had F-U-N!!! I’m so happy I didn’t miss out on it, it would have been schade. The best parts for me were the Egyptian dance performances which IMO sounded and looked Indian – something straight out of a Bollywood movie lol! And the second was the Djembe, there were more than 12 people playing (or beating) the Djembe, I was lost in the dancing and beat 😀

WordPress need to work on its option to upload videos. I can’t upload snippets of the dance performances I filmed…… 😦 It keeps telling me, ”the format of the video is not acceptable” -_- All I have are the photos of various articles from the stands.

 There were various stands ranging from typical African wooden and carved figurines, to paintings, cute wooden stools, djembes of various sizes, wooden wildlife animals, jewelries made out of shells etc…….  I was also privileged to meet Kwangsoo’s family XDD (For Running Man fans who know what I’m talking about).

Please do feed your eyes ^_^

CAM00567 CAM00568 CAM00566 CAM00565 CAM00563 CAM00562 CAM00561 CAM00560 CAM00559 CAM00557 CAM00558 CAM00554 CAM00556 CAM00555 CAM00553 CAM00552 CAM00551 CAM00549 CAM00544 CAM00545 CAM00546 CAM00547 CAM00548 CAM00539 CAM00540 CAM00541 CAM00542 CAM00543 CAM00538 CAM00537 CAM00536 CAM00535 CAM00534 CAM00529 CAM00530 CAM00532 CAM00533 CAM00528 CAM00527 CAM00527 - Kopie CAM00526 CAM00525 CAM00524 CAM00523 CAM00522 CAM00521 CAM00520 CAM00515 CAM00516 CAM00518 CAM00519 CAM00510 CAM00511 CAM00512 CAM00513 CAM00514 CAM00509 CAM00508 CAM00507 CAM00506 CAM00505 CAM00500 CAM00501 CAM00502 CAM00503 CAM00504 CAM00499 CAM00498 CAM00497 CAM00496 CAM00495 CAM00490 CAM00491 CAM00492 CAM00493 CAM00494 CAM00489 CAM00488 CAM00485 CAM00484 CAM00483 CAM00482 CAM00481 CAM00480 CAM00479 CAM00474 CAM00473 CAM00461 - Kopie

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