Happy Sunday #92

From mark 5:47. A colleague of mine showed me at work. We found it hilarious!!! Especially the contestant from mark 5:47.

Image For The Week

The cast and director of Rorounin Kenshin: The Legend Ends. I am waiting for English subs!!!! BTW, this is a photo form its premiere yesterday (Sept 13th). Sato is looking so fine!!!


Saying For The Week



—-> Checklist and Book challenge

I watched my 50th Korean movie last week!!! Well, it’s not that great of an achievement, but it still makes me happy ^_^ What have I been up to?? I started 4 Taiwanese dramas last week and placed them all in hold, none held my interest for long BUT I went back to NINE and it’s just TOO AWESOME!!!! I am on ep 14, 7 eps to go.

I took a break to watch Happy Together, the 2 newest eps on KBS WorldTV – Hot People Special with Sam Okyere, Enes, Choi Ye Jin, Clara, Ryohei Okani ad Yura of Girl’s Day and Beautiful Single with Shin SungWoo [Shin eomma – I just love how cool he is], Park Joonhyung of god [Joonie – he’s a character lol!!!], Oh Sangjin [such a cutie!!!], Kim Kwangkyu  and Ji Sangryeol. The latter was just toooooo hilarious, I thought I was going to burst a vein (I don’t think it’s possible…) LOL!!! 


Song For The Week

I have been listening to a LOOT of songs, especially the new ones. Here’s 2PM’s Go Crazy and god’s Saturday Night. ENJOY!!!!

2PM – Go Crazy


god – Saturday Night


Eye Candy For The Week 

Featuring – Taecyeon and Onew!!!


Have a fun-filled week!!!

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