Happy Sunday #93

I am not sure about the kissing lol!!! What is funnier is the comments on 9Gag’s Facebook. XDD


Image For The Week

The view from Bukhan mountain in Seoul


Saying for The Week



—> Checklist & Book Challenge

I successfully completed two dramas – NINE – Nine Times Time Travel(9.5/10) & Buzzer Beat (8/10). And I’m currently watching My Queen, a Taiwanese drama. It is the original version of Witch’s Romance (K-drama). I don’t mean to compare both dramas, but it can’t be helped….. My Queen is so much better in terms of plot, it’s more realistic and thorough in comparison to WR. 

The Making of an African Legend: The Biafra Story from Frederick Forsyth is the book I’m reading currently. Getting more insights about my roots….


Song For The Week

#Currentlyplaying – Run To You by Kari Jobe, ENJOY!!!


Eye Candy For The Week

Junyoung left  2 messages on his SNS earlier today, on twitter I think- Message 1 & 2  There’s no telling how this will end – it’s either he stays strong and release those explosive allegations or retreat. But the fact he came this far would have required a looooot of courage. I hope he stays strong!!! *hwaiting*

Moon JunYoung (Lee Hoo), ZE:A’s leader

Have a wonderful week and take control!!!

I will leave this here – OkCat version of Go Crazy lol!!!

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