Happy Sunday #94

Who knows, it might just happen and ALL my planning won’t be a waste XDD


Image For The Week

For Whovians ^^ But I think he can shout or speak at least.


Saying For The Week

Loving yourself first is the basics of loving IMO



—-> Checklist

Thanks to Sukitte Iinayo ( Say ”I Love You), I think I’m back to watching Animes. I followed up SI ( rated it 8/10) with Darker Than Black. I started DTB some months ago, but I was in a slump then…. In short, all I did this weekend among other things was marathon animes XDD. Reporting from Dramaland, My Queen is GOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!! I rated 10/10, even though I initially said I wasn’t going to compare it with Witch’s Romance, I still did and the result? I had to re-score WR…..

Some of my colleagues  had to resume for the semester, hence they’ve left. I somewhat felt sad, they were really fun and nice, they helped me kick-start my internship more smoothly. Thanks guys and wish you success!!!! It was really wonderful meeting you ^_^


Song For The Week

#Wascurrentlyplaying – Bang Bang Crossroads by Electroboyz, ENJOY!!!


Eye Candy For The Week

Ethan Ruan!!!! I have only seen him in two dramas – Fated To Love You and My Queen and he nailed it in both dramas.

Have an awesome week!!! ^_^

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