Happy Sunday #98

Image For The Week   Saying For The Week ”勇気は一瞬、後悔は一生ってね。 勇氣只需要一瞬,後悔卻是一生。 Courage requires only one moment, whereas regret will last a lifetime.” —  Santa Shizu, Pin to Kona (ぴんとこな)   Updates  —> Checklist Movie part – done!!! I finally picked Sherlock (BBC) up  and marathoned the already aired 3 seasons and I was able to… Read More Happy Sunday #98

Recap: September K-Releases – Comebacks, Debuts & Collabos

I am two weeks late again *headdesk* I realised something while compiling August K-releases, apart from the comebacks and debuts there seems to be singles being released every week and not just one but multiple. Adding those singles to this particular list will result to the eternal loading of this post. With that in mind,… Read More Recap: September K-Releases – Comebacks, Debuts & Collabos