Happy Sunday #95

A cut from Acchi Kocchi – which involves a special skill in killing mosquitos and a supposed peaceful co-existence hahaha!!!, no spoilers, just enjoy!!! 


Image For The Week



Saying For The Week




 —-> Checklist

I’m still on variety hiatus, but on the bright side I have only FOUR more animes to go till I reach my goal for the year. Between last weekend and this I successfully finished 6 animes!!!

Well, there’s a trick to it – 2 ( Darker Than Black Special – 7/10 & Acchi Kocchi TV  – 8/10) out of the 6 are actually Specials and they had just an episode each, while the other 4 animes ( Otome Youkai Zakuro  – 8/10, Acchi Kocchi TV – 9/10 and Sukitte iinayo -8/10) were 12-13 episodes each apart from Darker Than Black: Black Contractor (8/10), which was 25 eps. My next anime is Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, don’t give me that look -_- I know FMA is a must-watch anime…… I’ve already started, I’m full of anticipations…..

Dramas and movies are still on hold……

BTW, there will be a game con next week here, I’m looking forward it. I’m not a game person, but who knows what might happen after the conference XDD

 My Japanese lessons have  resurrected, I can’t really pick what triggered it. It might have been animes or something else. Either way, it’s good that that section of my brain/life/hobby whatever is back. 

More sad news…. Kim Eun Jin, wife of Lee Soo Man founder of SME has been confirmed dead, she died of small intestine cancer. May her soul rest in peace…..


Song For The Week

Darker Than Black’s opening, ENJOY!!!!


Bonus song – Opening of Sukitte iinayo


Eye Candy For The Week

Kang Sora!!! She’s really pretty and talented. I’ve liked her since her appearance in We Got Married with Leeteuk of Super Junior.


Have a kick-ass week!!!

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