Recap: September K-Releases – Comebacks, Debuts & Collabos

I am two weeks late again *headdesk* I realised something while compiling August K-releases, apart from the comebacks and debuts there seems to be singles being released every week and not just one but multiple. Adding those singles to this particular list will result to the eternal loading of this post. With that in mind, I’m going to put out the compilation in two parts. Part 1 – Comabacks (mainly albums), debuts and collabos and part 2 will consist of singles.

Let’s get this rolling………………….


Comebacks/Album releases

1. 2PM

Made their long awaited comeback with their 4th album GO CRAZY and later released another album GRAND EDITION. Go Crazy the title track  was written, produced and co-composed by Jun.K with, there are various versions of Go Crazy- Japanese version, Party version and even an OkCat version.  Jun.K also co-composed ”Separation Trip” while Taecyeon and Chansung contributed lyrics to other songs.

Grand Edition album


Go Crazy album


2. Jay Park

Jay Park’s second album EVOLUTION was released on the 2nd. And it features a whooping 17 tracks!!! The link below gives the listeners a peek into each song in the album.


3. TaeTiSeo

They released their 2nd mini-album HOLLER, it contains 6 tracks including the title track Holler.


4. Teen Top

Mini album – EXITO. The group worked with producing team Black Eyed Pilsung (Choi Kyu Sung and Rado) for the title song “Missing,” a groovy R&B dance number different in style than Teen Top’s previous singles. Other new songs include the sweet ballad “Cry” and Love U composed by L.Joe.


5. Yoo Seung Woo

First album – YOO SEUNG WOO.

Track 4 – Love


6. BoA

Japanese album – WHO’S BACK. Who’s Back is her 8th full length Japanese album. It features 14 tracks including hit singles Woo Weekend, Tail of Hope, Only One, Shout it Out and many more.



Darkest Angels – Japanese album. The album collects 16 of their songs including Rock Ur Body, Super Hero, Hyde, Jekyll, “Voodoo Doll” and their most recent single “Eternity. I can’t seem to find any of the tracks in the album in Japanese.


8. MC Sniper

first mini-album B-Kite


9. John Park

John Park finally made a comeback with U.


10. 8eight

First comeback in 3 years with Let’s Not Go Crazy.


11. TROY

The R&B/Hip-hop group which debut in March with Green Light is back with Why Are We? (Korean title – Changing). It was composed by members Bumkey and Lee Hyun Do.


12- Ailee

She’s back to wow us with her 3rd mini-album MAGAZINE, it includes the title track  Don’t Touch/Hands Off and 4 other songs. Amber’s promised to wear a mini-skirt and high heels….. I’m still waiting for Amber to keep her word XDD


13. Song Jieun of Secret

She makes a solo comeback with a signle with depths – Don’t Look At Me Like That.


14. Paloalto

Mini-album – CHEERS, it contains 5 tracks.

Track 3 – Reality Bites ft Huckleberry P


15. BTOB

5th mini-album – MOVE. The members showcased their song-writing abilities and vocal talents. The title track Move is produced by Tenzo and Tascho, who are part of Duble Sidekick’s production company. The boys broke into subgroups for two of the album’s tracks: Vocal line’s “I Don’t Know” is written, composed and arranged by Hyun Sik, while rapper line’s “You’re My Angel” is composed by Il Hoon and penned by Min Hyuk, Peniel and Il Hoon. Hyun Sik and Il Hoon also wrote and composed the bonus track Shake It – Source


16. Juniel

Released a new album – I THINK I’M IN LOVE on the 29th. It consists of 3 tracks – I think I’m in love, Bug off and Please.

17. BeatBurger

SME’s electric creative group released their first mini-album- ELECTRIC DREAM. The title track’s MV She’so High features Gu Hye Sun ad DBSK’s Max Changmin. The album contains 5 tracks.


18. Kidoh

ToppDogg’s Kidoh dropped a mini-album, SMALL ALBUM, the album consists of 5 tracks.


19. SHINee

3rd Japanese album – I’M YOUR BOY. This album contains 12 tracks with hit songs such as Lucky Star, 3 2 1, Dream Girl and Boys Meet U.

Lucky Star


20. NC.A

She’s back with a single Crazy You.

Crazy You – Studio version


21. M.C.B TwinZ & Greg

Mini-album  명콤비 트윈즈 & 그렉, released on the 29th, it consists of 7 tracks.

Track 2 – Awesome ft XVII


22. VIBE


A teaser


23. RedChair

Album – 존재의 온도

존재의 온도 ‘s MV


24. T-ARA

Mini-album AND & END, it consists of 7 tracks.


25. Jerry.K

Album – 현실, 적. He features Mayson The Soul, DJ Wegun and Skit in the album.


26. Kim Ji Soo

Mini-album – Sensitive A.M

Track 1 – Adios


27. Sosimboys

Album – 넌.좋.될


28. Kkakku

Mini-album – 25

Track 3 – Desire/Aspiration


29. Clazziquai

Album – BLINK, hich features 9 tracks.

Samples of the tracks


30. Kim Jin Ho

SG Wannabe’s Kim Jin Ho is also back with an album, VOL 2 PEOPLE. It consists of 10 tracks.

Track 2 – Tree


31. Definite

Mini-album – CONFESSION

Track 7 – Finding You


32. F.CUZ

They have been missing in action on the K-pop scenes, but they’re back with their 4th mini-album BARGAINING FOR LOVE with the title track Cha-Ga-Wa, which was written by KAVE, a new producer team.


33. Epitone Project

Album – 각자의 밤



CN BLUE dropped their 3rd Japanese album WAVE, it features 11 tracks.

Track 8 – Paradise


35. LUWA

Mini-album – 어떤 의미


36. Kwan-Woo


Track 3 – Work Hard, Play Hard



Boyfriend have been doing really well, after scoring it on Oricon charts, they dropped their 2nd Japanese album – SEVENTH COLOUR. The concept for this album is “the perfect summer date,” it features 14 tracks.


38. Lyn

Album – 2014 LYN 1st LIVE ALBUM ‘HOME’, it includes 12 tracks.

Breakable Heart


39. SouLime SounD

Mini album – WE#SLSD

Track 5 – Go ft Trizzy


40. Younha

Korean singer Younha is back in Japan with a new Japanese mini-album PEOPLE. It features 8m tracks including the Japanese version of six Younha hits, including Run, Wait for Me and “You Who Came From the Stars,” one of the theme songs from the hit television drama of the same name.

41. Gilme

Album – 2 FACE. 2 FACE features 9 tracks.

Success (Don’t Kill My Vibe)


42. Wu-Tan & Buggy

Mini-album HOL!DAY

Jack N Coke


43. Ladies Code

PRETTY PRETTY is their 2nd mini-album. It contains 5 tracks, including the title track Pretty Pretty.


44. Puer Kim

Mini album – PURIFIER


45. Lee Jae Hoon

Mini-album – 20 YEARS OF COOL




Why Did You Come to My House?


2. Cup C

This is a Thai girl-group, it is actually the combination of two other girl group under Momo music. The group made their debut with Take it Off.



They made their debut with Go Crazy


4. N*White

First mini-album – HELLO BOY. Although they released a single My Sunshine in 2013, but this is regarded as their official debut.



1. Nasty Nasty

Single – Knock


2. Soyu & Urban Zakapa

SISTAR’s Soyu and Urban Zakapa  collabo – The Space Between


3. NS Yoon-G & Giriboy

Fluttering feelings


4. GNa & Kim Tae Woo



5. Gary & Jung In

Gary of LeeSSang and Jung In came together for their second digital single – Bicycle. This is as beautiful as In Your Scent.


6. Yoon Jong Shin

I had no idea he had a monthly project going on. This month’s project features Swings – Gray City 


7. Lena Park

Syncrofusion Lena Park + Brand New Music, she features Hanhae of Phantom – No Strings Attached


8. Ricky Kim & Ryu Seung Ju

I know Ricky Kim to be amazing athlete, but I had no idea he could hit notes also.

U and I.


9. Kim Bo Kyung & Danny


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