Happy Sunday #97

A Korean earthenware by Jeon Changhyeon.


Image For The Week

Seeing photos like this every time I refresh my feed on FB is torture lol!


Saying For The Week



—> Checklist

I’m feeling so fly XDD Just 2 more movies to go. Just last week alone, I watched 7 movies – Chinese movies; Red Cliff 1 (9/10), House of Flying Daggers (9/10), Love You You (7.5/10) and Hua Mulan (8/10), Hong Kong movie Magic Kitchen (6.5/10), Korean movie Ghost Sweepers (7/10) and a Bond movie – The Spy Who Loved Me (7/10). I’m currently watching How to Use Guys with Secret Tips.

I snuck in the latest ep of Hello Counselor, the guests were Ha Choonhwa and 2PM (Taecyeon, Wooyoung & Jun.K). Even though I’m on hiatus from variety show, there’s no way I’d ignore them. In fact, I was WAITING for KBS to upload that episode. I did not regret watching it, the second concern gives a new meaning to obsession *shivers*


Song For The Week

Zion.T’s newest single – Yanghwa BRDG. I really really love this song, well I’m yet to listen to a Zion.T’s song I don’t like lol! ENJOY!!!


Eye Candy For The Week

*severe nose-bleed* This is one GAWJUSS person – Eddie Peng. I found him in Love You You. Of course, I already know the project he’s working on – Rise of the Legend. I’m totes looking forward to it!!!

 Have a sweeeet week!!!

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