Recap: September K-Releases II – Singles

Without further much ado………………..


1. Gavy NJ



2. Zhang Li Yin

Released her 4th Chinese single – Not Alone


3. Taewan (C-Luv)

No Need To Talk



Forget U


5. Sweden Laundry

Letter Flow


6. Cheondung

MBLAQ’s Cheondung released a single – Monster


7. Cross Gene

They came back with Billion Dolla, a zombie theme.


8. 5zic

MIB’s 5zic dropped a solo track, titled Hyena


9. D-Day



10. Peppermint

Common Farewell


11. BAP

Excuse Me


12. GMB

So Nice


13. Koyote’s Kim Min Jong

Sali Do Dali Go


14. Dami Im

Super Love


15. Fame Us



16. Coffee Boy

아침에 비타민


17. Holladang



18. Kang Woo Jin

사랑에 살아


19. Lee Yoon Jong



20. A.KOR

But Go


21. Zia

Pretend to be Okay


22. Damiano

No Diet ft MBLAQ’s GO


23. Jay Kidman



24. Lina

Not Ok


25. Namolla Family



26. Shin Ji Hoon

Cry Baby


27. Namolla Family N

누구나 한번쯤


28. Lee Young Hyun

Good luck


29. Lydia

얼마나 아프고 아파야 하나요


30. Verbal Jint

I Smell Autumn ft Eddy Kim


31. Noel

2 singles – Acoustic project #2 Sunset and That Day


32. Satbyeol

Woo Baby


33. Top.Ic

Not Pretty


34. Mastermove

A Song For You ft Roxwell & 오상아


35. O Brother

O Brother’s Best Friend


36. Yoon Sang

If You Wanna Console Me


37. N.EX.T

I Want It All


38. Stella Jang

Dumped Yesterday


39. Joosuc

Oh ft Mayson The Soul


40. Madein



41. Park Su MIn 

감싸줘 ft 쟈코비


42. Pascol 



43. Zion.T

Yanghwa BRDG


44. Crucial Star



45. Kim Bum Soo

Teardrop of My Heart


46. Girls Generation



47. 1sagain, STi 

보통의 말과 기타


48. DK4RG 

궁금했어 ft Ja.e and HitBack


49. Switch

2 singles – 39°C and Bikini


50. Ulala Session

I’ll Be There


51. Dia Tree 

난 아직 니가 필요해 ft 성수진


52. My-Q

Shy Shy


53. Wax

Fly High Ft the girl group Bebop


54. Air ManGirl

Love Essay 4 ft 하림


55. Hana 

심장이 쿵 ft 두온


56. Hini Lee

Come To Me


57. LIAM

Make You Happy


58. SoulstaR

Happy Ending


59. Ahn Jae Wook 



60. Aoora

Aoora is a member of the boy group AA. 2 singles released 2 singles Body Talk and One More Time ft Jouet


61. Standing Egg

 She is Back


62. Fatdoo

The Last of Us ft 이민영


63. Joy O’Clock 



64. Ran 

사랑해서 행복합니다


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