Happy Sunday #98

All hail!!! Halloween is around the corner!!!

Image For The Week

I don’t mind a bowl of this #justsaying


Saying For The Week

Courage requires only one moment, whereas regret will last a lifetime.
—  Santa Shizu, Pin to Kona (ぴんとこな)



—> Checklist

Movie part – done!!!

Celebratory dance XDD 

I finally picked Sherlock (BBC) up  and marathoned the already aired 3 seasons and I was able to do some catching up on my drama challenge, so I’m left with 6 dramas to watch. Isn’t that lovely??!! 😀

Fans of Korean variety shows, if you haven’t seen Abnormal Summit. I strongly advise you to start it!!! It’s just too hilarious and there’s hella randomness XDD


Song For The Week

This is The Stuff by Franscesca Battistelli, ENJOY!!!


Inspiring vid of  Paul Smith the Typewriter artist


Eye Candy For The Week

Guess who dropped by!! Jin Yi Han!!!! 
Being the generous person I am, here’s another ^_^ 
I’m trying to exercise some self-control here, apparently it isn’t working….. That aside, isn’t he awesome to look at?? He’s also very very multi-talented!! 

Have a Tal Tal-ful week!!! :p

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