Recap: October K- Releases – Projects & Debuts

Here are the ”Débutantes” (I’m not sure it’s correct to use the word this way) and projects. I have been noticing quite a number of collaborations and duets for a while.



1. Han Dong Geun

He is the winner of season 3 of the Birth of a Great Star and the newest addition to Pledis Entertainment. He debut with The 1st Digital Single – Make A New Ending For The Story


2. Yang Song E

YSE is Sony Music Entertainment Korea’s new singer. She made her debut with Smiling Goodbye


3. MadTown

MT consists of Heojun, Jota, Lee Geon, Moos (leader), Buffy, Daewon, and H.O(maknae).  The group debut with a mini-album titled MAD TOWN, which is also the same title as the title track of the album. It consist of 5 tracks. Below is a link to the album.


4. Bernard Park

The newly signed artist of JYPE made his debut with a 6 track mini-album I’M…… 


5. Strawberry Milk

The twins of Crayon Pop, Cho A and Way debut as a unit and also released a mini album – The 1st MINI ALBUM



UNIQ (Unique + Unicorn) finally made their debut with Falling In Love. There are 3 Chinese and 2 Korean members –  Wong Yi Bo (maknae), Cho Seung Yeon,  Li Wen Han, Kim Sung Joo (Korean leader) and Zhou Yi Xuan (Chinese leader).


7. Purfles

A 3 member girl group – Park Geon Hee, Shin Eun Yong and Yang Woo Young signed under Crescendo Ent. Agency- They made their debut with 1,2,3.



HOTSHOT a 6 member boy hip-hop group signed under KO Sound. Members include Choi Jun Hyuk (leader), Timoteo (Kim Mun Gyun), Kid monster (No Tae Hyun), Ha Sung Woon, Yoon San and Go Ho Jeong. Take a Shot is their debut song.


9. ZhouMi

Mini album – REWIND. Moi doesn’t think Zhou Mi needs a introduction, but just for those who aren’t familiar with him. He’s a member of Super Junior and part of the Chinese sub-group, Super Junior M. I’m actually very glad for him, he might not be fully promoted as a Suju member but at least he gets to be fully promoted as a solo artist.



1. JQ & Han SoA

2 projects – Black and White Story Episode 1-1 and Black and White Story Episode 1-2


2. Shin Hye Sung & Snacky Chan

Shin Hye Sung – Once Again #3


3. Wheesung & Geeks

I’ll Remain As A Friend


4. Jineon Kwak & Kim Feel

슈퍼스타K6 – 곽진언 vs 김필


5. T-ARA & DJ Chuckie


6. Yoo Seung Wo & Tarin

Tarin’s Collaboration Project Part.1


7. Achtung & Kim Kyung Ho



8. Tako & J.Hyung

술 좀만 먹어


9. J Kyun and MayBee



10. Lim Ji Hyun, STi, UL TIMA



11. The Vinyl House & Jun Geun Hwa

우리 그때는


12. Postmen & 6 to 8

Alcohol and He is Better Than You


13. Kim Greem & Baek Chung Kang

My Love

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