Recap: October K-Releases – Album

I realised the previous posts aren’t loading properly and I think it’s due to the huge amount of videos in each post. So, I’ve divided the post into 4 parts – Albums, Debuts & Projects, Singles and Singles !! Apparently there are lotta singles released every month.

BTW, I couldn’t find YT links to some of the album, so I just posted a link to a track on the album.

Let’s get started…..

1. Kim Dong Ryul



2. Double Squarez

Mini album – START


3. FT Island



4. Zia



5. Roy Kim



6. Lee Ye Joon

Mini album – 이별. The End


7. Gavy NJ

Mini album – The 6th Album Part.2 – SHE


8. Lee Min Ho

Mini album – Song For You


9. Namolla Family N

Mini album – 그땐 사실 그랬어


10. Jung Dong Ha (Boohwal)

Mini album – Begin


11. Toxic

Mini album – Time


12. Macchiato

오늘같은 밤이면


13. Song Ji Eun

Mini album – 25 (1st mini-album)


14. VIXX

Mini album – ERROR (2nd mini album).



Mini album – WITCH (3rd mini album)


16. Maeng Yuna (Kikiyuna)



17. Girls Generation

Japanese Album – The Best (New Edition)


18. Girl’s Day

Mini album – I Miss You


19. SUKI

Mini album – 이별병(Farewell Bottle)


20. Ha Dong Kyun (Ha Dong QN)

Mini album – Word


21. Sunny Side (MJ)

Mini album – 아무 일 없던 것처럼


22. Jang Gi Ha & Faces

Jang Gi Ha & Faces Vol.3


23. Gaeko


I have listened to this album and it’s simply awesome IMO


24. Crucial Star



25. Cho Hyung Woo

Mini album – HIM


26. Bubble Sisters

Mini album – Memory


27. Beast

Mini album – TIME (7th Special Mini Album)


28. Epik High


I ABSOLUTELY ❤ ❤ ❤ it!!!


29. 20 Year Of Age

Mini album – 20


30. Seo Taiji

Quiet Night





32. Almeng

Mini album – compoSing of Love


33. Bobby Kim

Vol.4 Mirror


34. Super Junior

This is Love (The 7th Album Special Edition)


35. S

Mini album – Autumn Breeze

It comprises of Shinhwa’s Shin Hyesung, Kangta and Lee Ji Hoon.


36. Taesabiae

Mini album – Find The Perfect Match



Mini album – Clutch Bag


38. Letter Flow



39. Yoon Gun

Vol.4 Autumn Play


40. Veloce

Mini album – 웃픈이야기


41. The Suite

Mini album – The Sweetest Thing


42. Swings

Vintage Swings


43. 2AM

Let’s Talk


44. Yoon Hyun Sang

Mini album – Pianoforte


45. Legend

Mini album – Out Of My Mind

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