Recap: October K-Releases – Single

Here we are for the singles section. There’s a lot of singles from indie artists in this section. ENJOY!!!

BTW, as I was including the MVs/audios I realized the first 8 or so songs were actually released in the 29th or 30th of September.


1. IU



2. Noblesse

Hole feat. 차수경(this was actually released in september. on the 30th to be specific)


3. Nam Young Joo

Young Joo, one of the Kpop Star 3 contestant debuted as a solo artist with Fragile and Kind in September. It was composed and produced by CN Blue’s Lee JongHyun


4. MC haNsAi

First Date


5. E Sens

Back In Time


6. Cho Hyung Woo

Rain On Me


7. 5tion

Still Beautiful


8. Vasco

Don ft 천재노창, The Quiett & Dok2


9. Norwegian Wood

취한 밤에 ft 효빈


10. GADA



11. Crucial Star

Pretty Girl ft. Lovey


12. GOT7

Around The World


13. The Film

아직 그대라는게


14. Monday Kiz

Words To Kill


15. Ju BoRa

가을이 불어온다


16. Mate



17. Swings

Rap Star


18. Kwon Brothers

꿈, 길


19. Gioielli

Fantasy Lover


20. AiRi

Please My Love


21. Huh Gak

Day N Night feat. Simon D


22. Younha

What Does My Heart Become


23. Raina

Reset feat. Kanto of TROY


24. The Lime

죽지못해 살아


25. Molly.D

Dope Back


26. Kim Hyung Joong

Color Vol.2


27. KAMO

나에서 너


28. AKMU

Time and Fallen Leaves


29. Han All



30. Ha Dong Kyun



31. Red Velvet

Be Natural


32. Gogoboys

화장은 가볍게


33. Urbanspace

서울이 싫다


34. Na Yoon Kwon

If Only


35. Loptimist



36. Lip Service



37. Kim Woo Joo

The First Day We Met


38. FT Island

To The Light (Japanese)


39. DGNA

Rilla Go


40. Seo Taiji

Quiet Night


41. Whiteteez


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