Recap: October K Releases – Singles !!

Going straight into the second part of the singles that were released in October, so continuing from where I stopped……


42. Lydia

되돌릴 수 없니


43. Seo In Young

Thinking of You feat. Zion T


44. Kim Myung Joo

Finally Good-Bye


45. 2Soo

Melody Shower Vol.1


46. ICON



47. Dok2

My Love (Piano ver) feat. Changmo


48. The Daisy

눈으로 말해요


49. Lil Cham

HIM ft. 일리닛, 전


50. Gummy

Nowhere To Go


51. Owl

따라갈께 (Follow)


52. Lena Park

Syncrofusion Lena Park + Brand New Music – 달아요(Sweet) (Brand New Mix) ft. Verbal Jint


53. B.I.G

Are You Ready?


54. SoSo

소소의 소소한 이야기 2


55. Midnight Lamp

Thinking of You


56. Kang Min Hee of Miss $

Does He Talk About Me? ft. San E


57. Hong Jae Mok

Phase of Love Chapter 5. The Letter from Nowehere – 1st Prologue


58. A Pink

Japanese version of NoNoNo


59. god

Wind – Thanks Edition


60. Topp Dogg



61. UNIQ

They followed their debut song Falling in Love  with another single Born To Fight


62. Ripply

5 Minutes


63. New Champ

New Champ The 2nd Single LP 4 Da Lady ft. 지희필 and 산체스 Of Phantom ( 산체스 Of 팬텀)


64. Espresso

말하지 않아도 알아요


65. Club Soul

사랑한다 말하는 건


66. 9 and The Numbers



67. 2LSON

On The Street


68. MJ (Sunnyside)

We Had A Little Eoryeot


69. Hye Ryoung

Three Ways to Endure Sorrow


70. Americano

마지막 페이지


71. Rainstone



72. V.O.S

Running in Tears


73. Soul Cry

Love is Over #1


74. Noul

쉬어갈래 ft 지조, Kuan


75. As One

For The Night


76. 1sagain

Still I Love You ft Rael


77. Standing Egg

I Like Hanging


78. Icycider

수상한 콜라보 Part.1- 전학생은 외계인


79. Hyodong Sohn



80. Hyehwadong Boy

담배를 필 수 없는 이유


81. Crush



82. ALi

Songs Can’t Lie

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