Happy Sunday #103

Me dancing with Pikachus after submitting my first thesis!!! XDD


Image For The Week

I made this myself Thursday evening ^_^


Saying For The Week

You can sub ”today” for ” this week” ^^



—-> Checklist & Variety Show

As I am done with The Triathlon, my time has been dedicated to variety shows and books. I was 14 eps behind on We Got Married, but I’ve caught up. Same for Running Man, I was 14 eps behind also, successfully watched 8 eps. So I still have 5 more eps to watch. I watched some Hello Counselor and I Am A Man eps here and there. The full list of variety shows I’m watching are on ”Variety Show” at the side bar.

For books, I’m going for Kaichou wa Maid sama’s manga. I watched the anime 2-3 years ago. I have read 3 volumes already, 97 more to go. I doubt I will be able to read the whole thing before the end of the year, but it’s worth giving a shot.


Song For The Week

I was listening to Yiruma a lot this week. Here’s Kiss The Rain, ENJOY!!!


Eye Candy For The Week

Lee Soo Hyuk dropped by!!! His voice is something else lol!!! He appeared as a guest on WGM JongAh’s Couple as a friend of Hong Jong Hyun.
Found this on Tumblr and the caption was “The Holy Trinity” LOL!!! I just had to share hehehe!!!

Have a wonderful week!!!

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