Happy Sunday #105

Super Junior’s Sungmin and Kim Sa Eun tied the knot yesterday (Dec 13th). I wish them a very wonderful and peaceful married life irrespective of the ups and downs they might have.

Image For The Week


Saying For The Week


—> Variety shows

More progress made on Variety show island. I want to finish up Roommate S1, it’s such a chore finishing up that season. It’s not a surprise it almost got cancelled. I’m also in the process of catching up with Roommate S2 and Abnormal Summit. Roommate S2 is the real deal, it’s just too hilarious, but the ratings aren’t that good…… I’m on up to date with Running Man, We Got Married, Gag Concert ( I still have to watch previous eps) and Yoo Jae Suk’s I Am A Man.

I had a lot of parties last week – a b’day party that turned into a madhouse due to varoíous dance steps lol!!! Then a disco bowling Christmas party with my colleagues on Friday and this was AWESOME!!!! I went for a Christmas carol event with friends yesterday, I’m happy I didn’t miss it and afterwards there was a small Christmas party on my floor in the evening. There was a LOT to eat and drink!!! I still have another work related Christmas party this week 😀

BTW, I am still working on the K-releases (singles, albums, debuts and projects) for November, it should be posted this week.

Song For The Week

Another Christmas song – Christmas carol Sumi Jo, ENJOY!!!

Eye candy For The Week

Happy 25th year B’day to Onew!!!

Have a merry week!!!

P.S more pictures from Sungmin and Sa Eun’s wedding

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