Recap: November K Releases – Singles

I think among the first 6 or so songs were actually releasedon the 29th, 30th and 31st of October.

Let’s get started………..

1. Ryung Hye

시간이 흘러도


2. Laybacksound

Brandnugirl feat. 넉살


3. H-Eugene

진짜명품 (인생의 진리)


4. Lee Da Bin

둘이서 feat. 모니카 Of 배드키즈 & 안나



Petit Macaron (Data Pack)


6. Donutman

Welcome To The Game


7. Coffee Boy

너는 깃털처럼 가벼워서


8. I AM

슬프도록 잊혀지겠지


9. Cha Soo Kyung

나도 여자고 사람인데


10. One.Case



11. MellouSpoon

헤어지잔 말


12. Around 7’O Clock

노래를 그리다


13. AiRi






15. DBSK

Time Works Wonders (Japanese)


16. NU’EST

Shalala Ring (Japanese)


17. Sentimental Scenery

사랑의 단상 Chapter.5 – 추억을 걷다 (2nd Prologue)


18. Ran

왜 사랑했니 바보야


19. Hello Venus

Sticky Sticky


20. Ssangdu

Fly High


21. Postmen

Tears Or


22. Oksoo Photoshop

가을 타기


23. Jo Eun



24. Besweet

Falling In Love


25. Zico

Tough Cookie


26. Untouchable

I See The Path feat. Vasco and Giriboy


27. Daram



28. Clara



29. Cross Gene

I’m Not A Boy, Not Yet A Man


30. Phantom

A Story About My Ex


31. J.Rabbit

좋은 느낌


32. Dok2



33. Boohwal

To Be One


34. Still PM



35. D.Heaven

그래도 너였어


36. B-Free

Feel It


37. 10cm



38. Natthew

I Know Nothing At All


39. Navi

First Snow Forecast


40. Jeon Gun Hwa



41. Fatdoo


42. Espresso

나의 사랑의 향기


43. Azin

So High


44. Ulala Session

Those Who Are Crying Now


45. The Breeze

소년 (少年)


46. Free Style

One Way feat. SKULL


47. Aoora

Grab or Bite


48. Natthew

Love Will Be Ok

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