2014’s Inventory

A lot of things happened, 2014 relatively kept me busy – school related activities be it exams, lectures, school activities in general, there was also the book and triathlon challenges, my internship and so


Apart from the load of exams I took and scientific papers I wrote, I was also involved in the school’s buddy system and the student union. Which meant I took part in more social events and activities.

There was the Brazilian-Austrian Entrepreneurship one month seminar/program which took place in my school, 50 buddies were required for this program. I took part, hence my evenings were either spent meeting up with the Brazilians, going to the Heurigen, wine-tasting event or at some party, but there are times I made my escape lol!!! I couldn’t really pick up any reasonable Portuguese, but it was cool hanging out with them.

I also joined the student body – more school activities to participate in. I met a LOT of fellow students and it was really fun. There were programs and sport activities to help with. The memorable one for me was the Free Hugs event.

And lastly there were  LOTTA parties to attend lol!!! 

World Cup

Who knew I would thoroughly enjoy the world cup like I did in 2014. Although, I didn’t watch the semifinals and final match, but I watched the other matches. I got hooked from the first match – Brazil vs Croatia, the Brazilians were around then. I don’t think I need to spell out which country I supported lol!!! From then on, I tried not to miss any match, while watching with friends, my families and even with strangers hehehe!!! I lost my voice almost after every match I watched *tsk tsk*


It began in the second week of July and I finished it in the 3rd week of December. I was scared initially, especially in my first 2 weeks. Everyone was working with this 100% efficiency and if there’s something I didn’t want happening, it’s a project going down the drain because of me. So I was somewhat extra careful, but it was totally awesome and smooth. I was able to work with my colleagues without issues. I also had to move into a student home/ Studentenheim, since I was doing the internship in another city. There I got acquainted with people from Italy and eastern Europe. 


Readers of  Happy Sunday posts would have read a lot about these challenges. I had to marathon 8 books last week lol!! For dramas, I stayed clear Korean variety shows in order to accomplish it. The same goes for movies. If I had known I would be able to watch a lot of movies during the Christmas holiday, I would have watched more variety shows or even raised the bar by a bit. Thanks to short anime movies, I was able to deal with the anime challenge.

Books – 29/25

Dramas – 44/44

Movies – 56/36

Animes – 25/20

I’m looking forward to what challenges I will have this year *excited*


My language self-study went well, at least better than 2013 hehehe!!! I added Italian, but nothing serious lol!

First thesis done and submitted, but result is still unknown. It will be announced sometime in the middle of January.

I started going to church again during my internship, and it was nice to be there again. I tried being active also 😀

I started recapping monthly Korean song releases, which includes albums, debuts, projects and singles. BTW, I am thinking of having another blog, but I haven’t totally made up my mind….. I am still toying with the idea.

Anyway, I am grateful for all the various encounters (events, people, issues, dramas, songs and so on) I had. I am also happy that my family members are doing good and survived through the different issues 2014 threw at them and lastly I thank God for everything ^_^

May your 2015 be filled with awesomeness no matter what happens!!! Happy New Year *makes a toast*

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