Recap: December K – Releases – Album

There are albums of concerts and entertainment agencies Christmas projects are also included – One MIC JYP Nation, YG Family and some others…… The highlighted ones made a good impression when I listened to them for some seconds…

1. Loco

Mini album – Locomotive


2. Ukulele Picnic

겨울 나들이 [Remake]


3. Soul Dive

Mini album – SIN


4. Pe2ny

Vol2. Born to be Blue


5. Standing Egg

Vol. 4 US


6. 몽니

Mini album – She


7. Sung Si Kyung

Winter Wonderland [Special Remake]


8. JYP Nation

JYP Nation Korea 2014 ‘One Mic’


9. Playa

Vol.1 2 Love


10. Kye Bum Ju

Mini Album – The 2nd Mini Album – ’24’


11. SHINee

The 3rd Concert Album ‘SHINee WORLD III in SEOUL’


12. DSP Friends

White Letter


13. Ynot?



14. DBSK

WITH (Japanese)


15. BoA

BoA Winter Ballad Collection 2014


16. Qwala

Monsta Truck 2014


17. Lee Sun Hee

30th Anniversary Lee Sunhee Live


18. Jeok Woo

2015 적우 – 리미티드 에디션


19. Robbers

Mini Album – A Tribe Called Next


20. Lil Cham

Vol.1 CHAM


21. Humming Urban Stereo



22. Two Piano

1st Mini Album


23. BTOB

Mini Album – The Winter’s Tale [6th Mini Album Winter Special]


24. 2BiC

Mini Album – 3rd Mini Repackage Album – Genuine


25. EXO



26. The Vinyl House

Mini Album – 비닐하우스


27. STi

Mini Album – Night Thinking


28. Shin Hae Chul

Reboot Yourself


29. Bebop

Mini Album – Special Day


30. SEOEL (서엘)

설해 Tribute, 서엘 Remastered


31. YG Family

2014 YG Family Concert in Seoul Live


32. The Film

Vo.3 Season 1


33. Maktub


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