Recap: December K-Releases Debut & Project

There were probably more debuts than the ones listed below, but for some reasons I either don’t notice them or I unknowingly put them under ‘Singles’. Highlighted artists are my recommendations……


1. A-Daily

말을 해야 알지


2. Im Hyung Woo

감기 조심해



1st mini album – Deja Vu.

The latest girl group signed under TS Entertainment, which is home to SECRET. SONAMOO consists of 7 members – Su Min(leader), Min Jae, D.ana, Na Hyun, Euijin, High.D and Newsun (maknae).



1. Shin Hyesung & Vanilla Acoustic

Once Again #5


2. Dok2 & Girl’s Day Sojin



3. Park Myung Soo & DJ Charles

Don’t Go feat. Kim Shin Young


4. Tako & J Hyung

거머리 feat. 이현진


5.  버벌진트, 산이, 팬텀, 애즈 원, P-Type, 태완, 강민희, 칸토, 샴페인 & 캔들, 양다일, 디제이 아이티

Brand New Music Project Single ‘Brand New Year Vol.3 – Brand New Day’


6. Dynamic Duo & Lena Park

싱숭생숭 (SsSs)


7. Yoon Mi Rae & Tiger JK & Bizzy



8. Wheesung & ALi

아무일 없었다는 듯 (As If Nothing Happened)


9. 지울, 우디, 바보형, 보다

Dominant The 1st ‘Merry Christmas, Thank You’


10. Nam Young Joo (남영주) & 서영은

흩어진 나날들


11. Narinato (나린아토) & Park Ga Eul (박가을)

It’s My Life


12. 1sagain (원써겐) & Ju BoRa (주보라)

끝이 없는 겨울 (Endless Winter)


13. Dok2 & The Quiett

Good Luck


14. The Grand & Aries



15. 한살차이, 호소, 빨간의자

클나무 (Christmas tree)


16. Air ManGirl(공기남녀) & J&Joy20 & Taurine(타우린)

Junes Friends Season 1 (겨울노래)


17. Rocoberry (로코베리) & Son Ho Jun (손호준)

Winter Love (어떤가요)


18. Free & Reddy

I Wish


19. Vasco & Giriboy & Shannon



20. MJ (Sunny Side) & Little S

로켓탄콜라보 Vol.6


21. Shin Hyesung & Nine (Dear Cloud)

SHIN HYE SUNG – Once Again #6


22. Rainbow’s Hyun Young & Sool J



23. Standing Egg

The Artist Diary Project Pt.10


24. Kye Bum Ju (계범주) & Vanilla Acoustic’s Tarin

타린의 콜라보 프로젝트 ‘우린’ Part 2


25. Lee Young Hyun & Sohyang

Beside You

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