Recap: December K-Releases Singles

A lot of singles were released….. Really a lot!!! And you can guess that most of them were related to the Christmas season. Look forward to A LOT of parts lol!! Also, highlighted artists are recommended.

1. Nam Gyu Ri

Moon River


2. Le Ye Joon

All I Want For Christmas Day & All I Want For A Crystalline Day


3. Jang Wonki

Soul Chicken (소울치킨) feat. Yoo Se Yoon of UV


4. Masta Wu

Come Here


5. Sunny Hill

Here I am


6. 40

날 안아줘


7. 루빅 (Rubic)

말을 못한 채



You Can Cry


9. 태사비애 (Taesabiae)

그 거짓말 역시 거짓말


10. BoA

Fly (Japanese)


11. Zia



12. Untouchable

Clockwork feat. Babylon


13. Phonebooth

Mr Rudolph


14. Mayson The Soul

Pretty Girl


15. Jane

Shine Again


16. Afrodino


17. Heart B

1st Digital Single Album ‘선택해줘’


18. Sonnet Son

첫눈이 온다구요 (The First Snow is Falling)


19. Romantico

Happy Christmas


20. Ran

정말 난 사랑을 했고


21. PIUS

Give Love on Christmas Day


22. MY-Q

Kill Your Darlings


23. Winterplay



24. The Quiett

All About


25. Coffee Boy

나를 사랑하자


26. Bubble Sisters

Last Scene

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