Recap: December K-Releases Singles!!!!!

…….and we come to the last part…

107. Taewan (C-Luv)



108. Lydia

사랑은 어려워


109. M.I.B’s Kangnam

What Do I Do


110. Han SoA (한소아)

창밖의 눈보라


111. Infinite

Dilemma (Japanese)


112. Yasu

Call Me Up


113. Laybacksound

Little Things


114. Brand Newjiq(브랜뉴직)



115. Suki

Sick of Farewell Part 2


116. The Seeya

Crazy Love


117. Romantic City

아는 누나


118. Park Sun Joo (박선주)



119. Loptimist



120. Jo Kwan Woo

Sky Lantern


121. Icycider

수상한 콜라보 Part.3


122. Banhana (반하나)



123. Baechigi (배치기)



124. Yun Soll

Fade Away

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