RS – Janine Chang

Unfortunately, I can’t post a new edition of Happy Sunday today….. 😦
BUT, here is Janine Chang!!!!
Have an awesome week ^_^

Still Waters

I don’t mean to sound off, but since most of Janine Chang’s details can probably be found anywhere from WikipediaDramawiki, Mydramalist  to Baidu I don’t think I should bother writing about that XDDD

Before I go any further, I want to have a  little fangirl moment. I LOVE PETER HO AND JANINE CHANG!!!!!! Yes I DO. They really look soooo perfect together. If you haven’t seen them in anything, then you need to check out Ring Ring Bell and Unconditional Love.

Okay, *fangirl mode turned off* 

I actually don’t know much about the Taiwanese/Chinese/Hong Kong entertainment industry, but she’s one of the few I have actually grown to LIKE. I first saw her in Ring Ring Bell, her acting  was really good, but if you are familiar with Taiwanese dramas, there are always some frustrating factors lol!!! But that aside, it’s a good drama. And I didn’t…

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