K-Releases: January Debuts & Projects


1. ZZBEst

ZZBEst is girl group signed under Fath Entertainment. The group consist of 5 members – Dan A, Da Young, Han B, Mi Ri and INA. The group made its debut with their 1st single ZZBEst.


2. GFriend

G-Friend, short for Girlfriend is a girl group consisting of 6 members – Sowon, Yerin, Eunha, Yuju, SinB and Umji. They are signed under Source Music.

Mini album – Season of Glass


3. 1Punch

1Punch is a hip/hop group signed under D Business Entertainment and Brave Entertainment. The members consist of Jay1 and Punch, I’m guessing the name of the group was coined from their stage name. Jay1 and Punch debut with ‘The Anthem’, an album.



1. San E & Hyorin Feat. Jooyeon

No Mercy Part 1 – Coach Me


2. Zia & HeartB

Missing You


3. Lena Park

That Winter – Kang Seung Won 1st Album Making Project Part.3


4. Lali Puna & Trampauline

Machines Are Human


5. Outsider & Twista

Star Warz


6. Molly.D & Xena



7. Secret Garden & Lim Hyung Joo

Always There


8. Soyu & Giriboy Feat. Kihyun

No.Mercy Part. 2 – Pillow


9. Big Byung

Ojingeo Doenjang


10. Keebomb & Joe Rhee



11. Ra.D & Sunny Hill’s Jubi

Green Light


12. Eluphant X Kim Feel



13. The Grand & Aries

끊을 수 있을까


14. Dynamic Duo’s Gaeko & Yankie Feat. Beenzino and Babylon



15. Lee Ji Hyung & Kwon Jin Ah



16. The One & DooBoo

난 사랑 넌 이별


17. Soya X KK




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