K-Releases: January Singles!

1. Verest



2. A.cian

Somebody to Love


3. The Cross



4. DJ Hanmin Feat. Crisp Cunch

Put Your Phones Up (Dizzy Sunn Remix)


5. 4TEN



6. NC.A

Coming Soon


7. High4

Day by Day


8. Hello Venus

Wiggle Wiggle


9. Soomin

Winter, Rainy Day


10. So Chan Whee

Glass Heart


11. Ookoorookoo

Winter Weather


12. Pius

Brown Hair


13. Monday Kiz



14. FlaShe

My Day


15. Americano

어떻게 내게 이래요


16. Yang Jung Seung

Stars in the Night Sky 6


17. Sohye

사랑이 멀어져 간다


18. Sinzo



19. PK Heman

하얀 너


20. Life and Time

Small Bites


21. Bio

너밖에 모르다가


22. Turbotronic

Love Game


23. Onni



24. HALO



25. Jung Yong Hwa



26. Crayon’s Soyul Feat. Yang Jeong Mo

Y Shirt


27. Lee Seung Chul

Yes, We Can


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