K-Releases: January Singles!!

Part 2 —— 

28. Marigold



29. Honeygirls



30. Yoo Seung Woo

Take My Hand


31. LU:KUS

Break Ya


32. ALi feat. EXID’s LE

Goodbye Mr. Kim


33. Vanilla Acoustic

Shofar Music Compilation Vol.1 (R-e Make And W-e Make)


34. Ran

좋은 사람


35. Rico

The Slow Tape


36. Nabi



37. M.Joon

잘 될거란 말 (Empty Words)


38. JQ feat. Namju



39. Infinite Flow feat. Jungigo & DJ Soulscape

Been A Long Time


40. Eyear

내가 왜 그러겠어


41. JJCC



42. Vinyls

Soul Sound


43. Pulse



44. Baek Ji Woong

진심이 있어


45. Untouchable

Cigarette & Liquor


46. Plastic

You & I


47. The Barbarettes

Be My Baby


48. Sung Yubin



49. Taesabiae

시간을 멈춰버린 그대


50. 2LSON feat. Kang Min Hee & Evo

Stay With Me


51. Lim Hyung Joo

One Late Night in 1994


52. Eru

Sad Spring


53. BBAhn



54. Moon

목마 위에 세상


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