K-Releases: January Singles!!!

Part 3—–

55. Miffung



56. Ho Jae



57. The Legend



58. Dok2



59. B1A4

Shiroi Kiseki (White Christmas)


60. JYJ

Wake Me Tonight (Japanese)


61. Block B

Very Good (Japanese)


62. Cross Gene

Future (Japanese)


63. YK

Lost, 그리고 잊다


64. Overflow



65. Heeca

Deep Sea


66. Dabin Park

Baby Boy


67. After School’s Lizzy feat. Jung Hyung Don

Not An Easy Girl (1st Digital Single)


68. Mystery Curtain

수상한 커튼의일년 #01 Of 2015 : 그녀에게


69. Lydia

그대를 만나게 된 일


70. Jang Hye Jin feat. Deepflow

Beautiful Days Part.2


71. 6 to 8

Not Enough


72. G.Soul

You (Acoustic ver)


73. 4Minute

Cold Rain


74. Sosimboys

혼자가 익숙해


75. Moon Myung Jin

Back to Winter


76. Mate’s Jung Joon Il



77. Icycider

수상한 콜라보 Part.4


78. Gilgu Bonggu

좋아 (Joa)


79. Allegrow

달콤한 나의 도시



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