Happy Sunday #114

Image For The Week

Spring is around the corner…… Happy new month ^_^


Saying For The Week



—> Checklist 

I moved back to school for the new semester last week, and I had a lot of planning and preparations to do, which prevented from updating my blog last week. But I’m all settled 😀

I watched Dangerous Liaisons the Chinese ver (7.5/10) and Ip Man (8.5/10). IMO, Jang Dong Gun nailed his playboy character in DL. I don’t know if I missed something while watching DL, but I felt something was missing…… It wasn’t the cinematography, and neither was it the cast as they did a good job. I’m thinking it’s the story….. I haven’t watched a real martial arts movie in a long time and it was really really refreshing to watch Ip Man.

Variety shows are taking a back seat atm. I think I need to review all the variety shows I’m “watching”. Once I get that done, I will be able to focus more.

I’ll soon be done with Raak Boon season 1, it’s been interesting so far. Pisai and Prim have REAL issues, and they both need to be locked away in a mental home or something…..

I think I’m back to American TV shows, I can’t believe it myself….. I have been away from that scene for too long. I have actually seen clips of episodes of American TV shows here and there, but I haven’t sat through a whole season not to talk about 2 seasons. Men at Work broke the curse lol!!! I’m loving every bit of that show, it’s just too hilarious. All I need is a good follow-up, I don’t want to pick up TV show that will ruin it.


Song For The Week

All This Time by Britt Nicole, ENJOY!!!


Eye Candy For The Week

Jang Dong Gun!!! He nails being both pretty and manly.

Have a lovely week!!! 

P.S – Blaming others doesn’t solve anything…….Signature

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