Happy Sunday #115

Image For The Week

Happy International Women’s Day!!!! I did pick Taecyeon any day over flowers LOL!!! Hence, this is for those with like minds :p hehehe!!!

Saying For The Week


—-> Checklist & Variety shows

I’m making some headway in my challenges. Finished reading 2 books – My Japanese Husband Thinks I’m Crazy by Grace Buchele Mineta (5/5) and A Smart Romance by Penny Reid (4.5/5). Both were really hilarious and awesome to read IMO, hence if you’re looking for something funny, informative and different styles of writing, you can give them a try.

I finally caught up with Running Man, watched an episode of We Got Married and 2 episodes of Cool Kiz on the Block. I stumbled on a new variety show, Problematic Men by TvN – its cast are, Jun Hyun Moo, Kim Ji Suk, Tyler, Lee Jang Won, BTS’s Rap Monster and Ha Jin Suk. They are said to be men with sexy brains lol!!! I want to try an ep and see how it goes, it will also be nice if it’s consistently subbed. Who thinks it was a smart move to end the virtual marriages of Nam Goong Min & Hong Jin Young and Girl’s Day’s Yura & Hong Jong Hyun? *raises hand* I totally like the idea!!! If NGM & HJY are so into each other, they can sort out themselves outside the show and as for Yura & HJH, it’s time to let them go lol! I enjoyed watching both couples. I’m still 3 episodes behind on CKotB and there’s the latest ep of Gag Concert I DLed, but haven’t watched.

I started Ab Ruk Online starring – Peter Corp Dyrendal (he’s cute and hawt), Ann Thongprasom, Kimberly Voltemas and Mark Prin Suparat. It’s a cute and light story, but trust lakorn scriptwriters to drag out the story and make it complicated lol!!! Plus, it’s nice to see Mark and Kim act as a pair on screen after they made their relationship status known and Peter is just soooo yummy.

And of course I have classes and school stuffs to handle. An exam coming up in 2 weeks if I’m not mistaken, a thesis to write and submit, and other school activities. 

I went bowling again YAAY!!!! And this time around, I think I did better than last time. I wasn’t spinning the ball everything I rolled it. But I need to work on my stance. It was great to play with my ex-coworkers again 😀 

Song For The Week

Destiny’s Child and Charlie Angels in one video!!! Independent Woman by Destiny’s Child. ENJOY!!!

Eye Candy For The Week

So, instead of posting the photo of an actress/celebrity or whatever, I went for this gif. I find it inspiring – it depicts what females are capable of and more.

Have an awesome week!! 

P.S – Confidence is SEXY!!!


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